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Realm Status

online players231

EternalWotLK, Lvl. 801495497739 96


RedemptionWotLK, 10x1495570514 25


RemorseWotLK, 255 Fun1495827825 97


GenesisWotLK, 2x PvE1494416913 13


Apocalypse4.3.4, 7x1486585888 0

  • Blanc, Super Game Master 5 hours ago
    Eternal! We lost Blanc while we were on a trip. Help me find him and get him back home. Event starts @16:00 ST!
  • Bjergsen, Super Game Master 9 hours ago
    Remorse! The biggest battle of your lives is about to start! Pick up your finest weapons and show off your skill @11:10 ST!
  • Bjergsen, Super Game Master 10 hours ago
    Redemption! Priestess of the Moon is about to destroy entire world! Shut her down before everything is lost! @10:35 ST!
  • Surfacingx, Admins 22 hours ago
    The arena season will be ending the 28th (2 days) make sure to get all your points spent before then!
  • Blanc, Super Game Master 1 day ago
    Eternal! Do you have what it takes to be the true champion of the arena? Prove yourself in the Last Man Standing event at @16:20 ST!

    Greetings Eternal-WoW Community,

    There have been requests to release the results of the trending survey regarding Project Banana for the community. You will find the data below along with a brief explanation and feedback from the staff:

    We will be correcting the custom gear issue on this realm, along with a team of dedicated staff for the realm (crecruitment process will begin shortly). In short, no pay to win and separate GM team (excluding Senior GMs) for Bloodlust.

    We included this question because while it was a great idea, the mechanics that must be employed to keep it blizzlike were not considered. To start with Season 5 with a different set of gear should, in our opinion, be complimented with the spell and gameplay changes associated with that season. With every season, gameplay had to be modified with the addition of new gear. Asking players to change their gameplay every season in the span of 3 months is not something Bodao and I would like to pursue.

    We will be adding in PvE offsets definitely. As for mainset, we will be witholding it for the first season in search of more creative ways to adding the gear in - perhaps allowing them to be acquired through raids instead.

    An overwhelming majority have said "yes' to the addition of honour PvP titles. We are happy to confirm that we will be offering them through a dedicated NPC.

    There will be a transmog system on this realm. However, whether they will be added for the opening/launch day will be determined later down the road.

    While there were a bit over half the respondents for microtransactions, we will not be releasing microtransaction options for the first season, as the results were fairly distributed.

    Perhaps the most talked about topic regarding Bloodlust is the idea of a BG set that is separate from arenas. We are still on the fence with this (even though the set works and is already made). Nonetheless, the set will NOT be released upon launch and will only be considered for the second season - should demand exists. Even if demand exists, it will be available ingame and NOT through VIP or vote.

    Close to two thirds of the respondents have stated that they enjoy playing 3s. Overwhelming opinion among WotLK players have mentioned that 3s is the bracket in which it was more balanced (as opposed to 2s). As such, this identifies the need for more attention when compared to 2s.

    As 64/112 (57%) have stated that the listed rewards are above satisfactory for 3s, we will be implementing the said rewards. 3s players will get 1.5x more arena points than 2s players.

    Due to 75% of the respondents showing negative reactions to the idea of removing select racials, we will not be pursuing this idea for the foreseeable future.

    On behalf of Senior Dev Bodao, Lead Dev Elevim, and D. Admin Lemmings, we thank all those that have taken their time to respond to the survey. Your opinions are highly regarded by those developing and shaping the realm and will be taken into account.

    Kind regards,

Prepare yourselves, the end of the season draws near!


I am most pleased to announce that a new season will be beginning soon! This is the notice that, on Sunday, May 28th, the current arena season will be concluding all current teams and arena points will be cleared. During this time, staff will be vigorously checking all realms and teams for win trading and MMR dropping; if your team is deleted, that is the reason please do not make a topic about it.

Rewards system for the Eternal realm!
(Each season will result in a new mount / title going from seasons 2 to 8. Mounts,Vip and Core Trinkets will be given out manually by me Surfacing. Make a ticket in game if you are one of the top 3 teams)

Rank 1: 2500 Vip Each and 284 Core Trinket of Choice + Furious Gladiator Title + Furious Nether Drake
Rank 2: 1500 Vip Each and 284 Core Trinket of Choice + Gladiator Title + Furious Nether Drake
Rank 3: Gladiator Title + Mount

Rank 4: Duelist Title
Rank 5: Duelist Title
Rank 6: Rival Title
Rank 7: Rival Title
Rank 8: Challenger Title
Rank 9: Challenger Title
Rank 10: Challenger Title

On Remorse, the rewards will be automatically distributed in a system based on every active arena team. The system consists of the following criteria:
Along with the current rewards top 3 teams will also receive vip rewards as follows (Vip amount is for each player on the team)
Rank 1: 3000 Vip
Rank 2: 2000 Vip
Rank 3: 1000 Vip

The rank 1 team will receive the Wrathful Gladiator title, achievement, and mount.
Top 1% of all teams will receive the Gladiator title and achievement.
Top 2-3% of all teams will receive the Duelist title and achievement.
Top 4-10% of all teams will receive the Rival title and achievement.
Top 11-30% of all teams receive the Challenger title and achievement.

Redemption,Genesis and Apocalypse do not receive any rewards for season end because of the lack of arenas on those realms.

Best of luck to everyone fight diligently this week to claim your rewards!

Eternal-WoW Administration
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