Thu, January 29
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Realm Status

online players756

EternalWotLK, Lvl. 801422573534 207


RedemptionWotLK, 10x1422513246 102


RemorseWotLK, 255 Fun1422562594 392


GenesisWotLK, 2x PvE1422341123 52


Apocalypse4.3.4, 7x1422427719 3

  • asly, Developers 4 hours ago
    Redemption! You disssssturb the plans of Waygate, little one. It'sss too late for you. Let the coils of death unfurl at 14:45 ST!
  • Evililidan, Super Game Master 19 hours ago
    Eternal, finally you will have the chance to face the ruler of the scourge and bring him to justice! Join forces at 23:50 ST!
  • Barnex, Senior Game Masters 22 hours ago
    Remorse! A wild Mutated Panda is on the loose in Shattrath City! Stop him before he destroys everthing at 21:15 St
  • Evililidan, Super Game Master 1 day ago
    Redemption, watch your step, as it is slippery and the winds are strong high up in the air. Tread lightly for your life at 19:30 ST!
  • PolishChris, Administrative Assistant 2 days ago
    Results for the Redemption & Eternal Flush are up!

For instructions on connecting to our 3.3.5a WotLK servers CLICK HERE

For instructions on connecting to our 4.X Cataclysm servers CLICK HERE

Redemption & Eternal Flush.


Due to an unforeseen issue, we have had to reward teams on each of these realms differently. We truly apologize for this, and will work to update the system for the next flush to avoid confusion like this again.


The top 3 (up to top 10 teams) on each realm will be rewarded with the Wrathful Gladiator's title, Wrathful Gladiator's Tabard, Wrathful Gladiator's Frost Wyrm. Also the proper achievement.

The top 4-10 (up to top 10 teams) on each realm will be rewarded with the Duelist title.

Rewards were based on number of arena teams on each realm and ONLY awarded to the top 10 teams. Remember it is only possible to qualify for a reward if you played at least 50% of the games played. If not you do not qualify for a reward.

We did modify this a bit:

2 members = 50% of games played
3 members = 33% of games played
4 members = 25% of games played



Due to large amounts of teams wintrading, and also not qualifying, we rewarded only 4 teams.

II Power Rangers II - Grenade & Cloushole & Plagadins & Dreadplate Win rating of 206 - 47 Team Rating 2130
Pusy Kids - Rekord Win rating 75 - 61 Team Rating 1678
Bulgaria - Rino & Nycksy Win rating 56 - 15 Team Rating 1512
wtf Team - Wtflolstorm & Yeaadudumoo win rating 50 - 17 team rating 1506


No Rewards.


No Rewards.



Back in Action <2v2> Caliburn rating 2976 (264-20)- Catacomb rating 2706 (173-18)
Vae Victis <2v2> Chipsypower rating 2948 (340-50)- Zergmodex rating 2965 (375-51)
Sick Skills <2v2> Crushepeen rating 2642 (224-56) - Redundantx rating 2862 (270-66)
win me halfwit <2v2> Mahdyqt rating 2884 (328-21)- Zeaky rating 2809 (342-28)
KickAss <2v2> Sovering rating 2875 (286-67)
LA PUTA DE PRAVUS RELOAD <2v2> Thebroki rating 2858 (311-115)
wintrade team delete all <2v2> Nerdrag rating 2749 (277-19)
skilled pazas <2v2> Cleanedqt rating 2702 (535-194)
claude <2v2> Magexbutton rating 2721(356-142) -Priesthero rating 2724 (2724)
idk what am i doing <2v2> Lymix--with a rating of 2662 (237-67)


No Rewards.


No Rewards.

If your Character name is listed above open a ticket and a GM will give you the rewards. Achievements will be automatically given.
9 PvP

We at Eternal-WoW have been working diligently to ensure the playing experience for you has been the best possible. 2014 was quite the drastic and productive year here at Eternal--we have emerged from ridding ourselves of a manager to incarcerating DDoS'ers and a complete network and server upgrade. Of course that isn't all, though, so let us take a trip through 2014 to see what we've progressed with!

Also, we would like to address an issue that has recently emerged. We offer our sincerest of condolences for those affected by the recent dismay of numerous other private servers. We have organized starter packages to help those new players settle in and overcome the unrest.


Our staff has definitely been busy this year! A few notable updates that were made last year were:

Staff Recruitment

Here at Eternal-WoW we value our staff as well as the quality of our customer support. Quality is an article we take pride in and have upheld since our creation.

With that being said, having a well-rounded staff is impossible without the assistance of the most dedicated players who contribute their time to giving back to the community. For anyone interested in the contributing to the staff, we have several recruitment topics that should address the majority of your concerns. However, if you still have questions you are most welcome to reply on any of our recruitment topics or send any of our staff a private message on the forum.

Referral System

Weve introduced a referral system as well to benefit those who introduce their friends to Eternal.
Here is a quick summary of the system, which is in tiers up to 5:

10% - If they spend 100 points, you get 10 points
7% - If they spend 100 points, you get 7 points
4% - If they spend 100 points, you get 4 points
2% - If they spend 100 points, you get 2 points
1% - If they spend 100 points, you get 1 points

The system is intended to benefit everyone involved. It earns the initial recruiter as well as the recruited VIP and vote points.

Happy Birthday, Eternal!

On our birthday (May 26), Eternal hosted a Birthday Lottery in which we greatly rewarded members of our community for staying and supporting us.
We also hosted a special in-game event in which a member of the community was awarded a donation mainset.

Each year we do an event on our anniversary to show that we are true to those who are there and active in the community. May many more anniversaries transpire at Eternal in years to come!

Staff Meet and Greet!

Meet and Greets are organized social events that occur in TeamSpeak and allow players to come and talk to the staff should they have questions, concerns, or simply wish to converse.

Our last Staff Meet and Greet was extremely successful for both the attendees and staff as a whole.
Video Contest

We opened a video contest early last year to find a member of the community that is exceptional with video editing/rendering that desired to contribute to Eternal. Those who portrayed Eternal well with their skill set were rewarded by the community for their efforts.

Winners/participants can be found here - much appreciation to those who contributed!

Happy Halloween!

During late October and early November, our custom Hallow's End event was available for players of every realm to complete quests and acquire themed gear.

Realm Improvements

With the arrest of the notorious nuisances that plagued our community, we updated our infrastructure to provide general functionality improvements such as lower latency, DDoS protection, and increased stability for everyone.

We hope 2015 is as (hopefully more!) productive than the preceding years!
We cannot stress enough how much we appreciate those who stay and support us. We rolled over the New Years fairly strong and intend to maintain it as we look forward to 2015.

To conclude, we're going to reveal a system that we have just introduced: character transfers.

Keep in mind that this is a sneak peek. There will be a separate topic explaining this system in full detail.

We are initiating a system of character transfers on Redemption (10x) and Genesis (2x). If you are a new player on Eternal-WoW and desire to take advantage of this system, you should make a ticket in-game and ask for a Super Game Master or higher and, if you meet the requirements, you will receive:
  • Instantaneous level 80.
  • Furious Gladiator mainset for PvP. (Limited to one set: for example, Satin or Mooncloth for priests)
  • Tier 9 mainset for PvE. (Limited to one set)
  • 5,000 Gold.
  • 1 flying mount and 1 ground mount.
  • Expert Riding skill (225)
  • 1 Bag (Portable Hole)
  • 1 Ring and 1 trinket. (Both PvE and PvP)

This feature is only available to those who were recently introduced to the server. If you already have a max-level character on Eternal-WoW, or more than 48 hours of play time, you are ineligible.

Eternal-WoW Team
14 Newsletter
set realmlist

If you are new to Eternal, where did you come from?


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