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Realm Status

online players352

EternalWotLK, Lvl. 801487311337 96


RedemptionWotLK, 10x1487443090 33


RemorseWotLK, 255 Fun1487419072 201


GenesisWotLK, 2x PvE1486826733 21


Apocalypse4.3.4, 7x1486585888 1

  • Arsemix, Super Game Master 1 day ago
    Redemption! The Dark Lord Illidan has escaped from the Black Temple and he's coming for you! Event will be hosted at 08:55 ST.
  • Arsemix, Super Game Master 1 day ago
    Eternal! Lich King is reigning terror upon Azeroth! Stop him before it's too late and all is lost. Event will be hosted at 05:25 ST!
  • Surfacingx, Admins 1 day ago
    Arena Season is coming to a end soon! Find more information here
  • Servitor, Super Game Master 2 days ago
    Remorse! Prepare your self , Remorse Titans are here once again! Event Will be hosted at 10:15 ST.
  • Servitor, Super Game Master 4 days ago
    Redemption!Polish your armor and sharpen your swords and Get Ready to fight with Mike & Jenny! event will be hosted at 12:20 ST.

Prepare yourselves, the end of the season draws near!


I am most pleased to announce that a new season will be beginning soon! This is the one week notice that, on Sunday, Febuary 26th, the current arena season will be concluding all current teams and arena points will be cleared. During this time, staff will be vigorously checking all realms and teams for win trading and MMR dropping; if your team is deleted, that is the reason please do not make a topic about it.

Rewards system for the Eternal realm!
(Each season will result in a new mount / title going from seasons 2 to 8. Mounts,Vip and Core Trinkets will be given out manually by me Surfacing. Make a ticket in game if you are one of the top 3 teams)

Rank 1: 2500 Vip Each and 284 Core Trinket of Choice + Deadly Gladiator Title + Deadly Nether Drake
Rank 2: 1500 Vip Each and 284 Core Trinket of Choice + Gladiator Title + Deadly Nether Drake
Rank 3: Gladiator Title + Mount
Rank 4: Duelist Title
Rank 5: Duelist Title
Rank 6: Rival Title
Rank 7: Rival Title
Rank 8: Challenger Title
Rank 9: Challenger Title
Rank 10: Challenger Title

On Remorse, the rewards will be automatically distributed in a system based on every active arena team. The system consists of the following criteria:
Along with the current rewards top 3 teams will also receive vip rewards as follows (Vip amount is for each player on the team)
Rank 1: 3000 Vip
Rank 2: 2000 Vip
Rank 3: 1000 Vip

The rank 1 team will receive the Wrathful Gladiator title, achievement, and mount.
Top 1% of all teams will receive the Gladiator title and achievement.
Top 2-3% of all teams will receive the Duelist title and achievement.
Top 4-10% of all teams will receive the Rival title and achievement.
Top 11-30% of all teams receive the Challenger title and achievement.

As the other realms' rewards have to be manually distributed, the system continues to be based on the top arena team. The rewards are as follows:
Rank 1 team will receive the Wrathful Gladiator title, achievement, and mount.
Top 1% will receive the Gladiator title & achievement.
Top 2-3% receive the Duelist title & achievement.
Top 4-10% receive the Rival Title & achievement.
Top 11-30% receive the Challenger title & achievement.

Best of luck to everyone fight diligently this week to claim your rewards!

Eternal-WoW Administration
0 PvP

Eternal, Redemption & Genesis Update


Custom balance changes contained within this update will only apply to the Eternal realm.
If you play the Eternal realm you MUST use the latest version of Patch-E for all data to display correctly, you can download it here. (to use, simply open the data folder within your game directory and place the mpq file in there. Remember to delete any other custom patches if you have any)
And remember to also delete your cache.
If you want to see more details regarding an issue, open the ticket via the numbered link.

Misc Changes:
5921 Anti Range Hack: RIP noobs. An exploit has been fixed that allowed for extended range of melee abilities.
5958 Resilience Refactoring v3: If your resilience is between 0-999, your resilience will be 10% less effective. If your resilience is 1000+, your resilience is unmodified.
5748 Removed the cap sensitivity on the spectate player feature.
5750 Added spectate command for all players.
5954 Added arena queue commands for all players.
5978 Added a new arena queue announcer.
5564 .morph now works in world arenas and battlegrounds for the package holders, cross weapon type transmoging is now available for the package holders.
5957 World arena group sizes have been been capped, dire maul =5. Gurubashi & others =3.
5957 Replaced the custom mount in the gurubashi arena chest. Set the gurubashi arena chest to follow group loot rules.
1398 Fixed Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings.

Custom Balance Changes: (eternal realm only)
(we want your feedback regarding the custom balance changes, they remain subject to change)
5951 Damage formulas for Warriors, Death Knights, Warlocks & Priests have been adjusted.
5945 Balance of Power now reduces all types of damage taken | Wrath of Elune now procs from insect swarm and moonfire dots.
5949 Changed the art of war talent from 1 point =5%, 2 points =10% to 1 point = 7.5% 2 points = 15%.
5436 Mana gained through judgements of the wise now works through shield absorbs.

Class Mechanic Fixes:
3068 Typhoon now works on stunned targets.

5111 The Art of War procs have been fixed.
5926 Seals now trigger regardless of whether the attack was absorbed.
5927 Judgements now trigger regardless of whether the attack was asorbed.
5928 Judgement of the Pure now triggers from the spells use, not from the damage caused by it.
5982 Instant flash of light/exorcism no longer resets swing timer.

5719 Gargoyle landing has been fixed.
2634 The ghouls spawned from Army of the Dead have been fixed.
4658 Pestilence has been fixed.
4854 Wandering plague no longer "double dips" on resil.
5939 An issue with spell pen & CE has been fixed.
5977 An issue with gargoyle's range has been fixed.
4589 CE will now benefit from UH presence.
5968 Unholy Blight now ignores LOS.

4992 Health regeneration from polymorph has been fixed.
5930 Mirror Images & combat locking has been fixed.
5959 An exploit with Mirror Images has been fixed.
3068 Blast wave now affects stunned targets.
3054 Application of Living Bomb no longer breaks Dragon's Breath.
3044 Fiery Payback has been fixed.
5947 AOE spells are now correctly breaking invisibility.
3091 Invisibility no longer puts the caster and enemies into combot.
4657 Blink pathing improved.

5931 Auto attacking with mind controlled people has been fixed.
5955 Penance grace stacks vs LoS has been fixed.
5923 Improved Devouring Plague's upfront damage now applys to totems.
5915 Dispersion whilst mounted has been fixed.
5998 Mind Vision no longer puts the caster or target in combat.

6000 Heroic Strike & Cleave will now respond to /stopcasting.
5922 Unrelenting Assault no longer reduces the amount shields absorb.

5240 Heart of the Phoenix has been fixed.
5913 Lock & Load has been fixed.

Icecrown Citadel:
1402 Some issues with the Lich King have been fixed, see the ticket for full details.
5268 Some issues with Gunship have been fixed, see the ticket for full details.
1681 Some issues with Putricide have been fixed, see the ticket for full details.
5344 Some issues with Blood Queen have been fixed, see the ticket for full details.
4873 Some issues with Saurfang have been fixed, see the ticket for full details.
5933 Some issues with Festergut have been fixed, see the ticket for full details.
4986 Some issues with Marrowgar have been fixed, see the ticket for full details.

Special Thanks To:
Greymane, Senior Developer.
Xbishop, Lead CTD.
Fecker, PvP CTD.
Dronez, PvP CTD.

If you play the eternal realm make sure you download and use the new Patch-E.
And remember to also delete your cache.
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