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Realm Status

online players556

EternalWotLK, Lvl. 801435354263 180


RedemptionWotLK, 10x1435586961 49


RemorseWotLK, 255 Fun1435604232 279


GenesisWotLK, 2x PvE1435254802 35


Apocalypse4.3.4, 7x1435586180 13


The release of the PTR for the realms Eternal, Genesis & Redemption

[Core Update]
Greetings from the cellars of Eternal-WoW!

Finally it is done - we will release the PTR at 06/13/2015 in the afternoon!

Everything you want to know related to PTR and New Core - Questions like: What it is? Why we need it? How it gonna help us? All of them are answered in F.A.Q.

Keeping it short and sweet, List of changes and fixes which are going to be on the realms can be found here.

Issue tracker forum
We have a special dedicated forum board for the issues encountered on our Blizzlike PTR.
All the bugs and issues on the PTR can be found here.

Keeping things Crystal Clear to everyone. You can read and know about how our Redmine Issue Tracker System Works.

P.S. You will see that this is not an exact setup of what Eternal, Genesis or Redemption is going to be like. This is missing the malls, npc's, etc. that make those realms what they are. The purpose of this PTR is to test the 99% everything else that comprises the WotLK realm: PvE, PvP, raids, etc.
47 Core Update

Greetings; here again with another patch, hopefully there are many more to follow!

[Remorse Update]

New Content

Vault of Archavon:
Introducing the first new raid of Remorse of the summer. The Vault of Archavon will drop Glacial and Honor mainsets as well as tokens for the new PvE set. The new PvE set consists of mainset and offsets.
VoA now has a prerequisite quest gained from finishing the Frozen Halls questline. The Frozen Halls questline's requirements were halved to promote quicker progression through the questline.
Players that donate for the Demonic mainset will be able to talk to a npc and will be given the VoA prereq quest.

Note: VoA will not be able to be reset manually by players and will reset automatically on a daily basis. Only 10 man is open at the moment. 25 man will be opened at a later date.

New Arena Set:
The Remorseless set will consist of a mainset and offset. This new set will be earned by participating in 3v3 arenas and will cost honor and arena points and will require a set rating in 3v3 arenas.

Battleground Item Scaling: Tired of being outgearing in battlegrounds? Introducing a new script that will scale Nexus, Brutal, and Supremus gearsets up to a Storm Rage level.
Class Buffs Scaling: Spells like Power Word: Fortitude and Battle Shout now give a substantial amount of stats instead of just giving dispel protection.
Cataclysm Weapon Transmog: The next step in adding new transmog items is done: Cataclysm Weapons!
Transformation Orbs: Fixed and readded.

Balance Changes

(subject to change at any time)

Flash of Light nerfed by 50%.
Holy Light buffed by 30%.

Pet damage nerfed by 50%.
Mend Pet nerfed by 50%.
HP nerfed by 20%.

Vampiric Embrace nerfed to 10%.
Improved Devouring Plague nerfed by 50%.
Prayer of Healing nerfed by 40%.
Vampiric Touch buffed by 50% in PvE.
Shadow Word: Pain buffed by 50% in PvE.
Devouring Plague buffed by 50% in PvE.

Garrote buffed by 15%.
Envenom buffed by 20%.
Eviserate nerfed by 20%.

Obliterate nerfed by 30%.
Scourge Strike buffed by 30%.
Death Coil nerfed by 60%.
Obliterate nerfed by 70% in PvE.
Improved Death Strike disabled.

Chain Heal nerfed by 40%.
Lava Burst buffed by 100% in PvE.

Fireball nerfed by 20%.
Arcane Barrage buffed by 100% in PvE.
Arcane Missile buffed by 300% in PvE.

Corruption nerfed by 15%.
Curse of Agony nerfed by 30%.
Drain Soul nerfed by 50%.
Pet damage nerfed by 50%.
Health Funnel nerfed by 50%.
Incinerate now hits 30% more when Immolate in on the target.

Set bonuses on all sets changed to Season 8 Feral.
Agility to Dodge ratio nerfed.
Shred nerfed by 80% in PvE.
Mangle nerfed by 80% in PvE.

US: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t1djz1qp6mn43gy/patch-4.mpq?dl=0
Non-US: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qxws3qqc7qmbp3u/patch-4%20nonus.mpq?dl=0


US Patch
Non-US Patch
122 Remorse Update
set realmlist logon.eternal-wow.com

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