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online players43

EternalWotLK, Lvl. 801534157647 38


RedemptionWotLK, 10x1533078606 4


RemorseWotLK, 255 Fun1534434590 1


GenesisWotLK, 2x PvE1533464612 0

  • lukecage, Super Game Master 1 day ago
    Remorse! Dark Titan Sargeras has commanded his Titans to destroy our world, stop them before it's too late. Event Starts 15:15 ST
  • lukecage, Super Game Master 1 week ago
    Eternal! Legion has corrupted our dearest Priestess of the Moon,we need to stop her before she destroys the whole world.Event starts @ 14:15
  • elderx, Banned 4 weeks ago
    Eternal! Are you ready to find the champion among you? 1v1 Event starts at 14:15 ST
  • Servitor, Super Game Master 1 month ago
    Remorse! Dark Titan Sargeras has commanded his Titans to destroy our world. Stop them before it's too late. Event Starts 16:40 ST
  • Servitor, Super Game Master 1 month ago
    Eternal! Sharpen your swords and Protect your realm from Dark illidan . Event Starts @ 7:00 ST !

    Hi there,

    We've decided to add a small amount of fun and strong buffs to Remorse Store to increase your thrill and fun in world PvP.

    Those buffs are usable in Battlegrounds, however, they are not in arenas.

    Here's the list of buffs added to the store. ( to find them in the store go to Character - Custom - Buffs )

    Twisted Fortune Coin


    Book of Fortune


    Basic Elixer


    Intimidating Ring


    Emergency Toolkit


    The One Ring


    Flask of Ancient Winds


    I really do hope you enjoy them to it's fullest and have fun with them. Some kind of temporary buffs will be added to Eternal too, however, those will be restricted & tweaked as much as possible so that they do not ruin PvP.

    Remember that those are sold in stacks of 20.

    Do Remember to update patch-4 ... 4.MPQ?dl=0

    Special Thanks to Dirtkeeper for making those.

    Donation Admin Kredenaz.

Remember to delete your cache before logging in so that changes my be displayed


  • 6241-We removed the "-10 % efficiency" if you are below 1000 resilience and resilience will now be hard-capped at 1500 resilience rating. This means that "the chance to be critically hit" will be capped at 15.75% and "the reduction of all damage done by players and pets" will be capped at 31.5%. The cap for "mana-drains and damage of critical strikes" stays the same and is 1414,5 resilience which is 33%
  • 6261-[Dementia]-anti draw arena buff, will now also affect [Power Word: Shield] and [Sacred Shield] absorbs
  • 6002-Another fix for the issue when pet movement speed is reduced due to the player being affected by some slowing effect and it also fixes Ghoul movement speed so now ghoul properly scales with DK movement speed
  • 6004-The issue with the movement speed of Hunter pets is now fixed and these pets will no longer get extreme movement speed.
  • 6252-Another attempt to fix the water flush in Dalaran sewers arena.
  • 4675-We implemented a teleport that teleports you to your target or to the nearest graveyard if you fall under the map in a battleground
  • 6254-Falling into the void in Eye of the Storms battleground will now properly kill you and teleport you to the nearest graveyard
  • 6232-[Personal Electromagnetic Pulse Generator] will no longer remove players from stealth and will only work on nearby mechanical units
  • 4591-We implemented a cooldown reset upon entering a battleground
  • 6231-Stats on [Core of the Forgiven] have been increased. Spellpower to 69(up from 23) and mp5 to 112(up from 92)

  • 6256-[Killing Spree] will now properly hit 5 times with both weapons
  • 4791-[Honor Among Thieves] will now have a proper ICD of 1s and will only give combo points to a player that has [Honor Among Thieves] talent

  • 1588-Fixed the scaling of [Health Funnel] so now it will be more effective
  • 1589- Fixed [Improved Health Funnel] so now it will properly reduce the health cost of [Health Funnel] ability

  • 5465-[Sacred Shield] will now properly refresh on pets, with 6s ICD

Death Knight
  • 6138-Another fix for Gargoyle so now it should properly follow the target if not in the line of sight
  • 6259-[Corpse Explosion] will no longer double benefit from [Ebon Plague] which should reduce the damage of the spell by ~13%

  • 6258-[Heroic Strike] will now properly cause additional damage to targets affected by spells like [Piercing Howl]
  • 6257-Rage regeneration from damage done will now be corrected and now warriors should receive about 10% more rage from the damage done

Special thanks to:
Ctd Fecker
Dev Greymane
set realmlist

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