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EternalWotLK, Lvl. 801430944450 103


RedemptionWotLK, 10x1430916423 48


RemorseWotLK, 255 Fun1430944698 112


GenesisWotLK, 2x PvE1430916382 18


Apocalypse4.3.4, 7x1430916448 6

  • Andrewortola, Senior Forum Mod 6 hours ago
    4DAYS to end the Signature of the Week Forum event, dont lose the chance to win HUGE VIPoints
  • tanindarz, Super Game Master 7 hours ago
    Remorse! Can you find your way out of the maze ? Come and figure the way out yourself ! 20:55 ST
  • Baricox, Super Game Master 13 hours ago
    Redemption! Polish your armor and sharpen your swords! Fight to the death in The Battle for Searing Gorge! At 14:50 ST
  • Surfacingx, Admins 15 hours ago
    New Facebook coupon now up! Like us and save on your store purchases
  • Iose, Super Game Master 16 hours ago
    Eternal! Dark Illidan has left has his temple and is heading towards the Dark Portal. Intercept the beast at 12:05 ST

Eternal, Redemption and Genesis - the new core will blow your mind!

[Core Update]

Greetings from the cellars of Eternal-WoW!

It has been a long time since information has been passed from the Staff Team regarding updates, progress, etc, to our realms.
Well, there have been a few mistakes in the past, so of course, topics like "The realm is dead ..." are present.

A few weeks ago, I asked you about your wishes regarding Remorse - thanks for all your suggestions.
Some of them will be done in the upcoming content! But today I want to talk about our other 3 "Blizzlike" realms: Redemption, Eternal & Genesis!

Well, first of all, I want to tell you what has happened within the last few weeks since I joined the Developer team.

At the very beginning, there was a Developer team in need of some attention. And there was a testing team, but it had confusion about its guidelines. On Blizzlike realms, I prefer the Blizzlike way, and of course this is the intention of those realms. We want to give you all the feeling of "retail".

So we have changed the testing guidelines, reinvented the Testing team (CTD), merged them with the Developer team and the result is a small family.
We also have a CTD/Developers meeting every Monday, and a CTD/Developer/Game Master meeting on the first Saturday of every month to inform the GMs so they may handle certain tickets/questions better.
Meanwhile two new Developers have joined my team and together we can create everything.

The core for Redemption, Eternal & Genesis is very old, so we have decided to use a brand new core - which brings a lot of fixes. A lot is probably an understatement. With the new core, I have invented the "Project: Blizz" - which has different milestones. The first one was to test every normal dungeon (every spawn, loot, waypoint, etc). This step is nearly done, we only have 3 dungeons left to fix. The second step is, to test every class, talent, skill, glyph, etc. The goal is to bring out a new core with fixed classes. The classes are also nearly tested, after the dungeons, we will fix them.
Yesterday I released the third step, the raid content. And this brings me to a very important point: ICC.
ICC will be done after the release of the new core, and this is of course a project for ALL of our realms.

Another important milestone for the new core is, of course, the old core. There are a few custom projects, events, etc, that we have to convert to the new core.

Within the following weeks there will be a PTR for the new core so you can join that realm and see the future of our project.

And this brings me to a very important point; We need you! We need more testers, to test everything in the Blizzlike way! You don't need any knowledge from the retail servers. Every information is on-line in special databases and also in Youtube videos.
I also need more Developers in my team! It is also possible to train you, if you have no knowledge in programming, but we require necessary skills like logical thinking.

Well, that's it so far ... if anyone of you have an idea how I could improve my day to a 48h day - let me & Cypher know!
24 Core Update

Finally! It has come to a end


Thank all of you who participated in the last season here on Eternal! We wish you the best next season :)

Winners by realm (top 3 are listed)
(Keep in mind the 3s and 5s brackets are not rewarded due to the excessive amount of illegitimate teams)

1st - Tslpriest and Maksuels
2nd - Guffy and Ergonbowback

1st - Bokugodx and Worldpeace
2nd - Centrelink and Latinpowa
3rd - Scriptcoach and Boku

For those not listed in the top 3 check the imgur links to see if your team was eligible for a reward if you are on the list, create a ticket in-game to receive your reward.

Eternal rewards by rank! (Imgurs are in order top to bottom by rank)
Spoiler: show
1 - Wrathful Gladiator
2 - Gladiator
3 - Gladiator
4 - Duelist
5 - Duelist
6 - Duelist
7 - Rival
8 - Rival
9 - Rival
10 - Rival
11 - Rival
12 - Rival
13 - Rival
14 - Rival
15 - Challenger
16 - Challenger
17 - Challenger
18 - Challenger
19 - Challenger
20 - Challenger

The rewards system is based on
Rank 1 team will receive the Wrathful Gladiator title, achievement, and mount.
Top 1% will receive the Gladiator title & achievement.
Top 2-3% receive the Duelist title & achievement.
Top 4-10% receive the Rival Title & achievement.
Top 11-30% receive the Challenger title & achievement.

Eternal-WoW Administration
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