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Realm Status

online players225

EternalWotLK, Lvl. 801477108082 95


RedemptionWotLK, 10x1474568292 34


RemorseWotLK, 255 Fun1476985567 84


GenesisWotLK, 2x PvE1477044573 12


Apocalypse4.3.4, 7x1475017046 0

  • Sofluffy, Senior Game Masters 13 hours ago
    Are you a dedicated, willing individual with a desire to help and support the community? Apply for GM today!
  • Huntsman, Super Game Master 16 hours ago
    Redemption! Priestess of the Moon is back to avenge her lover death. Help me defeat her at 12:15 ST!
  • Huntsman, Super Game Master 1 day ago
    Eternal! Are you ready to fight each other in 1vs1 brawl event? Event starting at 10:55 ST in Nagrand Arena!
  • Lossendor, Super Game Master 3 days ago
    Remorse! Are you ready to fight each others in 1vs1 brawl event? Event starting at 12:50 ST in Blade's Edge Arena!
  • Huntsman, Super Game Master 4 days ago
    Redemption! Dark Illidan has left the Black Temple and is invading The Exodar, Help me defeat him at 10:10 ST!
  • Huntsman, Super Game Master 4 days ago
    Eternal! Priestess of the Moon is back in Hyjal to avenge her loved one's, Help us defeat her at 9:10 ST!
  • Lossendor, Super Game Master 5 days ago
    Remorse! The Titans are invading Azeroth again! Come and help us stop them at 14:50 ST!
  • Huntsman, Super Game Master 5 days ago
    Redemption! Special Creatures has invaded West Fall and heading for stormwind, Help me defeat them at 13:55 ST!
  • Lossendor, Super Game Master 6 days ago
    Eternal! Get ready to brawl in a 2vs2 battle with your partner, in Blade's Edge Arena at 12:20 ST!
  • FrozenNinja, Senior CTD 1 week ago
    Remorse 6.1 is now live! Changelog at

Eternal, Redemption & Genesis Update


If you play Eternal or Redemption you will need to download the new patch(To install the patch just download it and put the mpq file into your data folder)
Eternal Patch Here
Redemption Patch Here

Make sure you delete your cache before logging in so changes will be displayed

Eternal Patch:
The eternal patch makes the Blazing Hippogryph mount work properly for you if you have it.
The patch also fixes all items that weren't showing icons, but were displaying a red question mark.
The patch also fixes all vendors not showing prices or having a confirmation before purchase)
(Prices in the mounts vendor have been reduced)
(Prices in the wrathful (honor) vendor have been reduced by 40%)
(Rating requirements in the wrathful (arena) vendor have been reduced by 200, this vendor now caps out at 1850)

Redemption Patch:
The redemption patch fixes all items that weren't showing icons but were displaying a red question mark.

VIP Additions & Changes

Core Trinkets: (Eternal & Redemption)
Core of the Forgiven, Core of the Enchanter, Core of the Assassin (284 Ilvl trinkets from the Halloween Event & Arena season rewards) have been added to the VIP store for 5000 VIP points. (reduced from 10000)

Transmog Package: (Eternal & Redemption)
Purchasing this package via the VIP store will allow you to transmog into different armour types, eg: cloth to plate, leather to plate, plate to cloth. etc etc. You do this via the usual transmog npc in the event chamber.

Commands Packages: (Eternal Only)
There are 3 different packages available for purchase via the VIP store, package 2 contains all of the commands from package 1, and package 3 contains the commands from all 3 packages. to upgrade your package you need to make a custom vip request to pay the difference
We had to apply a few restrictions to the commands to make them abuse proof, and thus viable for players, such as making the majority of the commands "self cast only"
To allow players access to the .morph command, we have to restrict the list available for players due to it containing invisible display ids, display ids that crash the realm, etc. We currently have near 2500 available morphs at launch and we will be adding to this list regularly to ensure players have access to as many as possible. To see which morphs are currently available, check out this list.

Blazing Hippogryph: (eternal only)
Blazing Hippogryph has been added to the VIP store for 1500 VIP points (customised to work as ground mount in all zones), see a picture of it in the spoiler below.
Spoiler: show

Transform Items: (Eternal & Redemption)
The price of the Lich King Transform (soulbound) has been reduced to 2500 vips, down from 5000.
The price of the Lich King Transform (account-bound) has been reduced to 4500 vips, down from 7000.
We have also added Eternal versions of the transform items from the event chamber, Eternal Versions have unlimited charges as opposed to 10. We also added a few more donor exclusive ones, read more below.

Ancient Key: (Redemption Only)
You can purchase the Ancient Keys for the Aspect of the old Gods daily quests via the VIP store, for more info on these quests, see the full description further down in the changelog.

General Fixes & Changes

5719 Deathknight's gargoyle landing time has been adjusted
5580 Deathknight's Ghoul will no longer leap if it's under a root effect, eg: frost nova, entangling roots.
5296 Death & Decay will now remove Stealth.
5731 "Anti Draw / Dampening" The Dementia debuff now reduces healing done.
5739 Using Shadowmeld will no longer cause friendly players to deselect the night elf.
5717 Arena frames for pets have been fixed.
5780 The Champions of Eternal-WoW bosses now regen hp when not in combat.
5739 Using Shadowmeld will no longer cause friendly players to deselect the night elf.

Random Northrend Tickets that have been fixed:
#3007 #5756 #5747 #3006 #2853 #5533 #501 #1974 #4898 #4999 #2166 #72 #3014
#3303 #4893 #3305 #73 #2839 #3309 #3306 #83 #3008 #3009 #3010 #3011 #3012
#3013 #4700 #4703 #4704 #4705 #4706 #4707 #4708 #4817 #4863 #4887 #4899 #5321


(Eternal Only)

Remember the old days of Stranglethorn PvP? Like the idea of a free for all, every person for themselves, winner take all, massive PvP brawl?

This event has been entirely reconstructed by in the interest of better serving our Eternal realm players' needs.

Just like the original version, the proceedings are offciated by Short John Mithril, who has been appropriately relocated to the Ironforge Mall.


Four times a day Short John Moves from his position onto the Bridge outside the Auction House and announces globally to all players online that the chest will spawn in 5 minutes, he will then move back to his position and wait 5 minutes before spawning the chest in Gurubashi Arena.

The Chest Drops:
Spoiler: show
Transmogrification Tokens
Emblems of Eternal Victory
Commendations of Bravery
Blazing Hippogryph mount (remade to work anywhere on Eternal as a ground mount)
Wrathful PvP gear


All items within the chest are subject to standard group loot rules of course, for those choosing to battle as a party.


Good luck and have fun ;)

Aspect of the Old Gods

Redemption Only

Are you a new player, struggling to find groups and gear up? Are you a veteran player who likes to transmogrify? Do you enjoy revisiting TBC and Vanilla content, but can't find like-minded players?

At its core is a box-and-key reward system, giving players a chance at custom/TCG items, illusions, mounts, and even high-end raiding gear. The system also includes dozens of possible daily instance quests, taking players from familiar Northrend to Vanilla raids, and everywhere in between. These quests will aid players in obtaining reward boxes, as well as give immediate rewards in the form of Transmogrification Tokens, Emblems of Eternal Victory, and Emblems of Frost/Triumph.


The adventure begins at the Dalaran Mall, with two NPC's - Insomnia and Bishop. To level 80 players, Bishop will offer the quest "Something is Amiss," an introduction to the lore behind this saga. Complete this quest to unlock the full content of both NPC's. Insomnia will offer several daily quests, while Bishop will offer his services as a vendor, selling only one item (more on that in a minute).

The Quests


Insomnia offers seven daily quests. We will ignore the first one (titled Aspect of....) for a moment, and discuss the other six. They are daily instance quests, and as discussed above, will reward Transmogrification Tokens, Emblems of Eternal Victory, and Emblems of Frost or Triumph. How many of each depends on the difficulty level of the quest.


Some quests only require killing a certain boss, while others require retrieving an item from a boss, so be sure to read the quest objectives carefully!


Each day, players will be offered the following breakdown of quests:

  • 1x Raid quest - Northrend only, 10 man or 25 man difficulty.
  • 2x 5-man quests - Anything from Northrend Heroics to Vanilla raids, Normal or Heroic difficulty.
  • 3x 2-man quests - TBC Heroics and some Vanilla raids.

On average, a player will be able to earn 33 Emblems of Eternal Victory per day, assuming they complete all six quests.


The Boxes

In accordance with the lore, there are four types of boxes:

  • Aspect of Blood - Death Knight, Warrior
  • Aspect of Nature - Druid, Hunter, Shaman
  • Aspect of Light - Paladin, Priest
  • Aspect of Shadow - Warlock, Rogue, Mage

The first daily quest given by Insomnia will bear the title of one these boxes, depending on the player's class. The quest requires the player to retrieve 20 of the proper Shards (they match the Aspects in name), from scattered locations across Azeroth. These Shards can drop from ANY boss in ANY instance visited by the other daily quests.




The drop chance of Shards varies directly with the instance's difficulty; for example, a boss in ICC 25 Heroic has a much higher chance of dropping Shards than a boss in Molten Core. Our test character is a Shaman, so she's after Shards of Nature.


Shards are rolled like any other loot, but only the proper type will count toward a player's quest. A player can only carry 20 Shards in inventory, so don't bother trying to superfarm.

Once the player has all 20 Shards, they may turn the quest in to Insomnia and receive their Aspect box. This box is still locked, however.


The box itself begins the second quest - to obtain an Ancient Key. These Keys may be purchased from Bishop for 80 Emblems of Eternal Victory, or purchased in the Eternal Rewards Shop for 200 VIP points. Bishop carries a limited quantity of these Keys - only 5 at a time, replenished at the rate of 1 every two hours - so keep that in mind.


When the Key quest is complete, the player must choose a reward chest pertinent to their class.


This chest opens like any other container, and has varying chances of giving a large variety of reward loot - anything from a [Pet Rock] to [Shadowmourne]!


Special Thanks To:
Senior Developer: Greymane
Senior Developer: Bronzewiz
Developer: Silents
Developer: David
Donation Admin: Nostramo
Super CTD: Xbishop
Super CTD: Insomniax
14 Patch

Prepare yourselves, the end of the season draws near!


I am most pleased to announce that a new season will be beginning soon! This is the one week notice that, on Monday, August 22nd, the current arena season will be concluding all current teams and arena points will be cleared. During this time, staff will be vigorously checking all realms and teams for win trading and MMR dropping; if your team is deleted, that is the reason please do not make a topic about it.

Rewards system for the Eternal realm!
(Each season will result in a new mount / title going from seasons 2 to 8. Mounts,Vip and Core Trinkets will be given out manually by your admin team. Make a ticket in game if you are one of the top 3 teams)

Rank 1: 2500 Vip Each and 284 Core Trinket of Choice + Vengeful Gladiator Title + Vengeful Nether Drake
Rank 2: 1500 Vip Each and 284 Core Trinket of Choice + Gladiator Title + Vengeful Nether Drake
Rank 3: Gladiator Title + Mount
Rank 4: Duelist Title
Rank 5: Duelist Title
Rank 6: Rival Title
Rank 7: Rival Title
Rank 8: Challenger Title
Rank 9: Challenger Title
Rank 10: Challenger Title

On Remorse, the rewards will be automatically distributed in a system based on every active arena team. The system consists of the following criteria:
The rank 1 team will receive the Wrathful Gladiator title, achievement, and mount.
Top 1% of all teams will receive the Gladiator title and achievement.
Top 2-3% of all teams will receive the Duelist title and achievement.
Top 4-10% of all teams will receive the Rival title and achievement.
Top 11-30% of all teams receive the Challenger title and achievement.

As the other realms' rewards have to be manually distributed, the system continues to be based on the top arena team. The rewards are as follows:
Rank 1 team will receive the Wrathful Gladiator title, achievement, and mount.
Top 1% will receive the Gladiator title & achievement.
Top 2-3% receive the Duelist title & achievement.
Top 4-10% receive the Rival Title & achievement.
Top 11-30% receive the Challenger title & achievement.

Best of luck to everyone fight diligently this week to claim your rewards!

Eternal-WoW Administration
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