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EternalWotLK, Lvl. 801515860003 28


RedemptionWotLK, 10x1514510706 8


RemorseWotLK, 255 Fun1516151710 22


GenesisWotLK, 2x PvE1515215192 9

  • Arsemix, Super Game Master 3 days ago
    Eternal! Prepare for the fight of your life! 1v1 event will be hosted at 1:15 ST.
  • elderx, Senior Game Masters 4 days ago
    Are you a dedicated, willing individual with a desire to help and support the community? Apply for GM today!
  • Lamale, Super Game Master 4 days ago
    Remorse! Polish your armor and sharpen your swords! Fight for honor, 1v1 Event @ 13:33 ST
  • Lamale, Super Game Master 1 week ago
    Eternal! Mr. Snowman lost his wife and he's raging! Come stop him before he destroys your favorite cities @ 11:20 ST
  • Arsemix, Super Game Master 1 week ago
    Remorse! Get ready to protect your realm! Defeat the Remorse Titans before they destroy everything you love at 5:10 ST!

    Hello there my dearest community!

    First of all, I want to wish you all happy Christmas (late one ) and New Year ( early one ). I hope you're all doing well and have all your wishes fulfilled in this and years to come.

    Now, I've been thinking of a way to show you all how grateful we are to everyone who has been playing & supporting Eternal-WoW over the years. So, this is what I came up with, for now.

    Anyone who made any Donations over 10$ starting December 25, 2017, will receive 40% extra VIP points. This will also include any donations made until January 3, 2018.

  • All you need to do is send me a Private Message saying: Hi, I donated to this account, and I'll take a look at it and add you the extra points. All the points will be given out until January 5.

    As for those who are not in a position to support Eternal by donating. I will come up with a way to thank you for supporting us by playing here. However, this might be delayed a bit until the New Year is over.

    Once again, I really, really can't thank you all enough for supporting us and sticking with us all this time!

    With Warm Regards,
    Kred <3


Remorse Update


Update is now applied on the live realm.

Crashing issue should be resolved.
A Bank and Guild Bank are now spawned in the mall.
Fixed an issue that was affecting dots/hots. Should help classes that were hurt by the Spell Penetration cap.
Still will look into tuning for any issues caused by this.

Core Update:
The core updates that Eternal, Redemption, and Genesis have received in the last year or so are now running on Remorse as well.

  • The mall has been moved to Valgarde in Howling Fjord. The entire zone of Howling Fjord has been marked as a sanctuary so no PvP will be done in the mall area. This was done because of the many, many complaints I have received regarding the PvP that happens outside the mall currently.

  • Several mall npcs have been merged.
  • Class Trainer Selena: Now offers all of the Hunter pet options from the Beastmaster.
  • Remorseless Vendor: Now named simply PvP gear, he sells all PvP related gear, such as Remorseful, Remorseless, and Honor gear.
  • Arena Spectator: Now known as Arena Master, he has arena rankings, spectating, as well as creating and queuing arena teams.
  • Event Reward Vendor: Now also has the vendor for Eternal Shard of Victory.

    Bug Fixes:
  • Added a diminishing return for Earthbind Totem's root effect. It shares a DR with all controllable roots.
  • Fixed Dancing Rune Weapon not stacking for multiple casters.
  • Fixed some issues with the copied damage from Dancing Rune Weapon ignoring absorb effects, like Ardent
  • Defender. Note: might still break Ardent Defender. Let me know if you can bug it consistently.
  • Fixed increased damage dealt with 2h effect on DK sigil. It should now affect all damage dealt, instead of just
  • physical damage.
  • Fixed spell penetration cap.
  • Fixed Chains of Ice proccing Rune of Razorice twice.
  • Fixed Paladins learning 2 different Seal of Righteousnesses.
  • Fixed basic food not being scaled. Mages should be happy! :D
  • Fixed melee/ranged attack power showing much lower than it should be.
  • Fixed the Eternal Halloween event being run 2 weeks earlier than it should. [Note: This fix is already live and will be applied after the next restart.]
  • Fixed Mining icon on Profession Master.
  • Fixed gun's not having the 5000 crit rating that bows have.
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