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Wed, September, 17
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iceman6619, Super Game Master 40 minutes ago
Redemption, Iceman is angry and is taking it out on anyone who opposes him at Dire Maul! Stop him starting at 8:15 SvT
Andrewortola, Super Forum Mod 3 hours ago
Did you miss the pics #2 and #3 from the Puzzlehunt Forum event? Dont worry theres time to look for it.
Bear08, Super Game Master 4 hours ago
Eternal! The Lich King has risen and recovered Frostmourne! Defeat him or else you all will become forgotten souls! 4:20 ST!
Bear08, Super Game Master 7 hours ago
Remorse! Who likes to dance around? If so join the Musical Chairs Event! 1:40 ST
Bear08, Super Game Master 22 hours ago
Redemption! Dark Illidan is back! Dark magic will consume the realm if not defeated! 10:00 ST
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