Sun, May, 24
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  • kaledren, Super Game Master 1 hour ago
    Redemption! The two lovers Mike & Jenny has escaped the prison! Let's put them back in prison, before they put us in prison! @01:35 ST!
  • kaledren, Super Game Master 3 hours ago
    Eternal! The corrupted dragonflight has returned! They want to corrupt our server, and scare the children! Let's retaliate @11:45 ST
  • kaledren, Super Game Master 4 hours ago
    Remorse! Grab your compass, a bag of takis, and a flashlight! Do you have what it takes to escape the maze! Try it out @10:30 ST!
  • Iose, Super Game Master 8 hours ago
    Ever wanted to fly, be invincible or host events? Look no further, apply for GM today!
  • Iose, Super Game Master 9 hours ago
    Redemption! Plague has spread across the farms of the Arathi Highlands. Eradicate the diseased animals at 16:35 ST
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