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Friday, August, 29
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iceman6619, Super Game Master 1 hour ago
Eternal, it is time to see who is the best! 3v3 Tournament starting at 3:30 SvT!
Zyr, Lead Livestreamer 15 hours ago
Kittycatclaw the pink bear is tanking ICC25hc with Epilogue on Redemption!
Barnex, Senior Game Masters 15 hours ago
Remorse! Get ready to face the wrath of titans! Meet them head on in Shattrath City at 13:25 St
Lolester, Senior Game Masters 1 day ago
Watch the RCT Gaming team tackle ICC25HC Special guest Dev Bodao
eventgm5, Super Game Master 1 day ago
Redemption! The founder of the Cult of the Damned Kel'Thuzad has moved to Azeroth. Fight him at 18:00 ST!
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