Thu, July, 02
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  • dustwolfx, Super Game Master 14 minutes ago
    Eternal! The fel orcs have made a little army in the middle of a big forest and are planning an attack! You must stop them at 17:15 ST
  • Villamor, Super Game Master 2 hours ago
    Remorse! Could this be your lucky day? Find out in the Roulette Event starting At 15:05 ST!
  • Litemode, Senior Game Masters 6 hours ago
    We are hiring new Game Masters, If you are interested in joining apply now at
  • Baricox, Super Game Master 7 hours ago
    Redemption! Vol'jin and his soldiers have come to take control over The Savage Coast. You must stop them in their actions! At 10:35 ST
  • FrozenNinja, Super Game Master 22 hours ago
    Eternal! The Battle for Searing Gorge is starting once again! Show that you are the better faction! 19:30 ST!
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