Mon, May, 04
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  • eventgm5, Senior Game Masters 8 minutes ago
    Redemption! Echoes of Racial Leaders have declared war on the opposite faction! Prepare to defend Anteia's Temple at 8:05 ST!
  • Zzedex, Super Game Master 7 hours ago
    Eternal! Join me for the 1v1 event to find out who is the best player on the realm! The event starts at 12:25 ST!
  • Guntarn, Senior Game Masters 10 hours ago
    Interested in helping others? Eternal-WoW is recruiting Game Masters! Apply today!
  • Athyn, Super Game Master 11 hours ago
    Remorse, lets make the world a bigger place for these titans @19:45ST
  • tanindarz, Super Game Master 12 hours ago
    Redemption! Let's test your luck, It is time for Savory Deviate Roulette event. Starts at 18:50 ST
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