Tue, June, 02
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  • Iose, Senior Game Masters 8 hours ago
    It's a bird..It's a plane..It's a GM! Learn to fly and save the community just like a super hero. http://goo.gl/jV4EJZ
  • dustwolfx, Super Game Master 12 hours ago
    Redemption! The apes are trying to take over the world again. Prevent them from recreating planet of the apes! @14:55 ST
  • FrozenNinja, Super Game Master 15 hours ago
    Eternal! Prepare your weapons! The battle for Searing Gorge will open soon! 15vs15! 11:45ST!
  • darrian1234, Lead CTD 16 hours ago
    Are you looking to help the server out by testing new content before its released? Then join the CTD Team! Apply at http://goo.gl/HYeYt1
  • Villamor, Super Game Master 17 hours ago
    Remorse! Who is the best player on the realm? Find out in the 1v1 Tournament starting at 09:40 ST!
  • Villamor, Super Game Master 18 hours ago
    Redemption! The Element Lord Kalstimas and his minions have escaped their Temple! Stop them now At 09:05 ST!
  • Villamor, Super Game Master 19 hours ago
    Eternal! Kel'Thuzad and his army have escaped Naxxramas! Stop them before they unleash chaos on Azeroth! At 08:15 ST!
  • FrozenNinja, Super Game Master 20 hours ago
    Remorse! Pick you essentials and get ready to get lost! The maze opens soon! 7:00 ST!
  • Surfacingx, Admins 1 day ago
    Its a new month remember to vote every 12 hours for the next 3 days to get double vote points!
  • Andrewortola, Senior Forum Mod 1 day ago
    The Paparazzi Forum Event its over, time to vote, good luck everyone. http://goo.gl/mgWAcd
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