Sat, December, 27
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Lolester, Lead GM 3 hours ago
Remorse! Shingetsu has been kidnapped! Help Lolester fight the might lords to save him! Starting at 11:55 ST!
Shingetsu, Super Game Master 4 hours ago
Redemption! Mr and Mrs snowman are having a fight! Stop them before they destroy everything! 10:20 ST
Shingetsu, Super Game Master 6 hours ago
Eternal! Are you ready to join my pirate crew? Well prove yourself and come join me at 8:50ST
Mickox2, Super Forum Mod 11 hours ago
Want to win VIP points? Word Search #17 is up!!! go give it a try!, also Merry Christmas and happy holidays.
Barnex, Senior Game Masters 16 hours ago
Remorse! A wild Mutated Panda is on the loose in Shattrath City! Stop him before he destroys Everthing at 10:40 St
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