Fri, January, 30
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  • Kongpow, Super Game Master 1 hour ago
    Warning to all Redemption players! Illidan has come back for revenge! 6:45pm ST he must be stopped!
  • asly, Developers 13 hours ago
    Eternal! You disssssturb the plans of The Obsidian Sanctum, little one. It'sss too late for you. Let the coils of death unfurl at 6:30 ST!
  • Evililidan, Super Game Master 19 hours ago
    We have a special migration and starter pack program available to new players. Check it out at
  • Andrewortola, Senior Forum Mod 19 hours ago
    Want to share your creativity? The Signature of the Week Forum Event its here.
  • Evililidan, Super Game Master 21 hours ago
    Remorse, you must figure out the exact location of our dear lost friend, Hyperion, as you follow the clues. Hide and seek event at 22:30 ST!
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