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  • Baricox, Super Game Master 2 hours ago
    Eternal! The Gordok Ogres have established a small battalion and have situated themselves near Dire Maul. Eliminate them at 18:10 ST!
  • xDeathwing, Super Game Master 6 hours ago
    Remorse! Deathwing woke up on the wrong side of the bed and now wants to destroy Azeroth! Face him in Dire Maul at 14:05 ST!
  • dustwolfx, Super Game Master 8 hours ago
    Redemption! There is a small group of alliance and horde that have turned evil! They are planning an attack! You must stop them @12.05ST
  • FrozenNinja, Super Game Master 10 hours ago
    Eternal! The Titans are here again! Pick a side and destroy the others! GM vs GM at 9:50 ST!
  • Villamor, Super Game Master 15 hours ago
    Remorse! The wild murlocs are fighting for their freedom, capture them again before they cause chaos at 05:15 ST!
  • Iose, Senior Game Masters 18 hours ago
    It's a bird..It's a plane..It's a GM! Learn to fly and save the community just like a super hero.
  • Baricox, Super Game Master 1 day ago
    Redemption! The Defias Brotherhood have been spotted leaving the Deadmines and are heading to Stormwind to attack. Intecept them at 16:30ST
  • FrozenNinja, Super Game Master 1 day ago
    Eternal! Corruption of the Dragonflight is here once again!Defeat them, else the whole world will get corrupt! 13:10ST!
  • Elevim, Senior Developer 1 day ago
    Which battleground is your favorite?
  • Elevim, Senior Developer 1 day ago
    Our Community Manager is sitting in the Teamspeak and waiting for your and your questions! Feel free to join!

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