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Gearing up guide (Updated for 3.5)

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#1 Thu Mar 22, 2012 11:53 am by evil3
This a guide for people leveling up, and gearing up all the way to Storm Rage 3 (the best non-donor gear you can get) AKA SR3.

I have not seen a completed guide for getting all the gear, and I was incredibly frustrated when I first joined the server on trying to figure out where everything is, and I often see people with questions regarding everything through in the global chat. Hopefully they will come here for answers, and hopefully they can find this post.

This guide will be long. It will be very in depth and give you all the information you need in order to get the best gear. More than likely I’ll make mistakes, just let me know what they are, and I’ll change it if need be, if you have ANY questions/comments/suggestions just let me know by replying to this thread or messaging me in game. My name is either Umaddwag or Asuupa. I will NOT farm remorse gold for you, or give any hand outs unless I have extra. Please don’t PM me about that, only questions. I will help you if I have time, so you may ask for run throughs of Nexus, or VoA.

Now let’s get started.

Leveling up from 1-255

First of all let me give you this macro. It's incredibly useful. What does it do? Well nothing, besides LEARN ALL YOUR SKILLS WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING. Press this macro once to turn it on, press it again to turn it off. A helpful hint:Spec yourself while you train skills!

Code: Select all
/run LoadAddOn"Blizzard_TrainerUI" f=ClassTrainerTrainButton f.e = 0 if f:GetScript"OnUpdate" then f:SetScript("OnUpdate", nil)else f:SetScript("OnUpdate", function(f,e) f.e=f.e+e if f.e>.01 then f.e=0 f:Click() end end)end

Leveling up

Okay now I will briefly talk about leveling up.

You will start in a leveling road that goes from 1-80. Level up by killing mobs. Pretty simple. When you reach the end of the road, you must use an item in your inventory that’s called “Hearthstone” it looks like a Hearthstone, it will summon a pet. THIS IS IMPORTANT. This pet is literally your transporter, so keybind it if need be. Anyways, once leveled up to 80, you must go to a new zone. There are many different zones you can go to. Click on “Leveling & Grinding Areas” There you can see many places you can level up. I suggest sticking to the roads so click on “Leveling Roads” and go to the 81-255 zone.

HINT: If you keep getting killed by the opposing faction, level up in a leveling instance. This can be found in “Leveling & Grinding Areas” from the transporter.

HINT: Buy all the gear from the Tier Vendors.

HINT: Go to the Non-PvP Mall and buy stuff that you need.

SUPER ULTRA HINT: The MAIN thing I had a problem with was gold, in this server hitting the gold cap is nothing, you must buy gold bars so you can continue getting gold. To have your own gold vendor go to the Non-PvP Mall. Go to the pets vendor (looks like a bird) and buy this item Please note the page number, so you can find it :dance: Since 3.5, you can just farm gold and your gold bars are automatically updated in your bags.

Hitting 255 and beyond

So now that you've hit 255, WHAT NOW?! Well the first thing you should do is
1) Train and buy mounts, this can be located in the Non-PvP mall. Shown here Note: Buy a flying next to the vendor.
2) Fully spec your character and max out everything. Also train any skills if you haven't already
3) Buy the highest tier gear you can get.

Once you do those three things you're ready for the next part.

The 255 Quests

Teleport to “Leveling & Grinding Areas” -> “Quest Area” Once there, mount up, and collect on the quests. When done you should have 4 quests as seen in this photo

Fire Time Baby!- As you can see the Flame Walkers are right behind the NPC you got the quest from, kill 10, turn it in. Easy Peezy.

Help for the Wooden Cause- This is where things get a bit tricky and you need to know where to go. This quest is the easiest, just go to the teleporter and go to “Cities” -> “Main Cities” and go to Orgrimmar. As you can see from the screen shot the quest item is right in front of you, get it, and turn in the quest. Easy.

Bear Grylls- This is where quests get really hard as you have no clue where to go. This quest is easy too though so no fear. I will guide you! Since 3.5 this guy was updated and is actually kind of hard, in the sense he has a lot of health so try to bring a buddy!.

First go to the teleporter and teleport to “Instances” -> “Farmable &Soloable” -> “Deadmines” Once there follow the pictures as shown .
1) Keep walking until you reach the next picture (P.S. You will die. It's okay :) )
2) Follow the left side wall all the way and continue left when you reach the fork shown in the next photo
3) Stay to the left
4) Again. Stay to the left
5) Keep going straight, you will end up outside
6) OMG WHO'S DAT?! Kill him, he's easy!
7) This is where it's located on the map (you can run from stormwind if you get lost in Deadmines)
There you killed Bear Grylls! He’s kind of weak for going to so many survival situations. Maybe he didn’t drink enough of his piss.

The Sky War- Okay this quest sucks. You have no clue what to do, or where to go. Do not worry. I will guide you! :dance:

1) Turn in the quest (located at the quest giver area) located here:
2) Next go to teleporter and go to “Raids” -> “Black Temple” once there go to this location: You should see this
3) Once you do that, accept the next quest, the mobs are located right next to you:
4) Once you completed that quest, turn it in, and pick up the next quest. Turn it in to the guy right next to you.
5) Once you turn that in, you need scrap metal, go up the mountain that will be behind you, and pick this up: (it's the big cog)
6) Turn that in, now you need to kill the Master Decoder, he's also located on top of the mountain behind you, located here:
This guy has been removed for 3.5. Will be added in, when that happens I'll update the guide.

Complete that, turn it in, YOU ARE DONE!

Congratulations, you have all the quest that the easiest part is over...lets get to the real mans gear! :twisted:

Starting the Journey to Storm Rage 3 (SR3)

I should mention now that this server has probably the most useful utility given to all players. The ability to reset raids/instances/heroics etc. Meaning there is no raid lock out! :D All you have to do is type

Code: Select all
.i u all
this will reset and unbound any instances/raids you are bound too. I suggest making a macro of it. Use it when running a raid you already ran before.


The first gear you should get is Nexus gear. This instance is relatively easy, so get a group to do it. There is a quest in there once you enter, get all the quests, and then beat the instance.

NOTE: You can’t kill the dragon boss (Keristraza) Unless all the other bosses are dead.

Once you have all that gear now comes probably the hardest part in my opinion.

Vault of Archavon Gear

Go to the Non-PvP mall, and accept this quest: Improving your Armors, turn it in to the same guy.

Next go to VoA (Teleporter->Raids-> Vault of Archavon) Pick up the quest there...but wait...Daily Emblems?! Emblems of the Black Demons?! WHAT IS THIS? I AM NOT PREPARED. Do not worry my friend. I will guide you.
Since 3.5 VoA quest have been removed, not needed. Skip to brutal gear!

The Grind

C'mon you honestly didn't think this was going to be easy did you? No grinding involved? You were dead wrong! First I'll explain getting Emblems of the Black Demon, then Daily Emblems

Emblems of the Black Demon

These are easy to obtain. Each one costs 200k gold. Which seems like a lot but you can farm this really fast. Go to (Teleporter->Instances->Farmable&Soloable-> The Occulus[Gold farming]) Once in there, keep killing mobs until your gold capped, then buy a gold bar from the Golden Pig Pet you bought earlier.

These are even EASIER to obtain now. Just farm gold in the same place. Go to (Teleporter->Instances->Farmable&Soloable-> The Occulus[Gold farming]) Once in there, keep killing mobs until your gold capped. A gold bar will automatically be added to your bags.

Once you buy a lot go to this vendor here to buy the Emblems of the Black Demon

Buying them can be slow, but thanks to wowdotcom he made a macro that makes it super easy to buy! :D

His thread is here if you wish to view it. (He has a video guide! :D) remorse-3-3-5-255-funserver-f278/easy-emblem-of-black-demon-t61259.html

If not I will explain.

In order to do this please make sure your first two bag slots are empty. Place all your gold bars in the first slot, and keep the second slot open.

This macro splits 1 gold bar from the first slot, and places it in the second slot
Code: Select all
/run local g,e=0;g={GetContainerItemInfo(0,1)} e={GetContainerItemInfo(0,2)} if string.find(g[7],"200000G") and e[2]==nil then SplitContainerItem(0,1,1) PickupContainerItem(0,2) end

Now press this macro to buy it.

Code: Select all
/run local g=0;g={GetContainerItemInfo(0,2)} if string.find(g[7],"200000G") and g[2]==1 then UseContainerItem(0,2) for n=1,GetMerchantNumItems() do if GetMerchantItemInfo(n)=="Emblem of the Black Demon" then BuyMerchantItem(n,1) end end end

Note: Make sure there's only one gold bar in the second slot, so don't press the split macro twice. DO NOT ALTER THIS MACRO IN ANYWAY

Daily Emblems

Oh boy. Daily Emblems can get pretty long to grind there are two ways to do it. I will explain both.

The first way is to grind DD/DM (Which is Daily Dust and Daily Mist)

The easiest way I can found to do this is to go to (Teleporter->Leveling&Grinding Areas-> Suns Reach) Once there, a quest is right next to the teleporter. You kill some mobs and get some Daily Dust and Daily Mist!

The mobs are right in front of you located Kill them and turn in the quest.
You’re going to need a lot so I suggest grinding them for awhile.

Note: Any mob in the area drops Daily Dust and Daily Mist, there are places where you can grind a lot really fast. Go to the southern most area for the best grinding area!

Once you have a lot go to this guy located in the Non-Pvp Mall (it's the big yellow robot) You have a quest called “DD+DM->Daily Emblem”

Accept that, and turn it in to get Daily Emblems. This can be slow and a lot of clicking. I don’t have macro for this complete, the closest I got to was this

Code: Select all
/script AcceptQuest()
/script CompleteQuest()
/script GetQuestReward()

This basically will auto accept the quest, and complete and turn in the quest. So you only need to click twice. If anyone has a macro that does it completely I’ll add it in my guide. Just spam it while you talk to him to turn it in, and complete it.

Method 2

This method can be faster or slower depending on your team. You must do battlegrounds and for every honorable kill you get, you get something called a “Mini-Upgrade Token” For every 5 of these, you get 1 Armor Upgrade Token, and for every 5 Armor Upgrade Token, you get 10 daily emblems. Cool right?

Note: You can only hold up to 100 Mini-Upgrade Tokens so make sure to always turn them in.

Where to turn them in? Well here. Eternal-Honor Vendor

I have a macro for this :P

Make sure not to accept ANY of the other 3 quests, if you do by accident, just abandon them, otherwise this macro won't work for you. (Meaning no other quest should have a grey question mark)

Anyways, just right click the vendor (Or keybind “Interact with Target” in your keybindings and press it) This use this macro

Code: Select all
/script SelectGossipActiveQuest(1)
/script CompleteQuest()
/script GetQuestReward()

Auto turns it in, much faster than clicking right? :P

Once you have at least 5 of the armor upgrade tokens, go to Hyperion, the same person for DD/DM. This guy is the go-to for currency conversion.

Click on PVP>Daily. Note: DO NOT CLICK "Upgrade Token>>Daily Emblem" You get less Daily Emblems for the same amount of Armor Upgrade Tokens.

Back to Vault of Archavon

Once you have at least 15 Daily Emblems, and 8 Emblems of the Black Demon, you're ready to go! (For the first quest at least)

I should mention now that each quest line you get, there is 5 quests, and all the materials you need for the first quest, is all the materials you will need for the second, third, fourth, and fifth. The kills will change, but the items will not.

So for the Vault of Archavon Quest line you will need: 1) 75 Daily Emblems. 2) 40 Emblems of the Black Demon 3) All the various boss kills

The boss kills goes in this order (it can vary sometimes, it's happened to me on different characters. I don't know what causes it, so don't blame me if my order is wrong. This is what it SHOULD be.

Koralon The Flame Watcher -> Archavon The Stone Watcher -> Emalon The Storm Watcher -> Toravon The Ice Watcher -> All four of them again.

Important note: Quests CAN bug. And you will have to repeat the kills, but not the items. Reasons on why this can happen is as follows

1) You did it in the wrong order of getting stuff. I.E. You killed the boss THEN got the Daily Emblems, or Emblems of the black Demon. This can SOMETIMES bug it, not 100% but sometimes, so try to avoid it.
2) This way is more common. You log out after you get the kill completion. This can bug it too, so try not to do it.

So how do you fix it if you already did it? Well abandon the quest and grab it again, sucks if you need the kill, but whatever, don't do it again :p

Next, let's move on to the next tier of gear

The Shattered Halls

The next arc is Shattered Halls. I'm not 100% sure where you get the key for this place. I think I heard that it drops from Toravon The Ice Watcher in VoA, but I haven't seen it drop.

Whatever, you can enter the instance from either 1) Have the opposing faction kill you, and walk through the gate OR 2) Have a rogue lock pick it. Either way works.

Note: If leading your own group, set it to heroic mode as it makes the mobs low level and super easy to kill so you don't have to deal with trash.

In total you will need: 1) 100 amount of Daily Emblems. and 2) 40 amount of Emblems of the Black Demon

The order of the kills is as followed:

4 Fel Orc Converts (These are trash mobs found before the first boss, and on the way to the first boss)->2nd is Grand Warlock Nethekurse (First boss, bladestorms constantly at <20%)->3rd is Warbringer O'mmrogg(this guy sucks. he fears alot, and hits hard)->4th is Warchief Kargath(easy)->5th is all of them combined again in 1 quest.

In total you should only run this twice, make sure to turn in the quest before you kill the next boss so you don't have to run it again.

Not sure if I linked it, but heres a macro to self-rez yourself as if you die from a non-pvp source, you can instantly rez.
Skip to brutal gear.

Code: Select all
/run RepopMe()
/run UseSoulstone()AcceptResurrect()RetrieveCorpse()

Black Temple

For the rest of the gear sets, you will have to do the quests/kills inside the raid Black Temple. I was quite confused when I first entered as I really never did it on retail, and when I did, i didn't remember where everything was so in this section I will cover where the bosses/mobs you will be needing at located at.

1) When you first enter, there is a gate blocking the pathway forward. 2 ways to get past this. First way is to go here and jump forward, if you miss try again. second way is to pull the boss, and die, when you die you can run through these objects. remember this as you will need it a lot to progress through Black Temple.
2) Once past the gate, follow it forward on the left side, you will see a Wrathbone Flayer (You will need them for a quest) You will run past 2 of them and past another boss (he's on the right) which is Najentus. You will need him for a quest too. Follow it til you see this A tunnel. Follow it up
3) Once up the tunnel you will see Bonechewer Behemoths, remember that as you will need those for a quest. Continue foward and go to the right, you will reach 2 things. The first boss Supremus (Giant Rock Guy) and the trash mobs Angered Soul Fragments (you'll need them for a quest too) Note: I already killed Supremus when I took this screenshot, but he should be right there.
4) Go up the hill past Supremus, you should see a door with Illidari Centurions and Shadowmoon Houndmaster's, you will be needing both of these guys for future quests. Shown here To the right you will find Akama/Teron as well as other mobs.
5) In this picture (right of the last one) the hallway directly to the right leads to Shade of Akama and straight ahead, that hallway leads to Teron Gorefiend as well as other mobs, shown in the next step.
6) This is in the hallway leading to Teron Gorefiend, you will find more Shadowmoon Houndmaster's as well as Priestess of Dementia You will need both for future quests. If you just walk forward, you will reach Teron Gorefiend as well.
7) This is the pathway left of this location:
8) You will reach a boss called Grand Necromancer Ignacious. You will not need him for a quest, but note that the Sister of Pain and Sister of Pleasure are in this room.
9) Go past the blocked gate by dying. You will reach these mobs up the stairs. Promenade Sentinel. You will need these for a future quest too.You will also see more Sister's of Pain and Pleasure
10) Continue up the stairs until you see this boss Chief R'lyeh. you will not need him for a quest, but direct to the right of him, are these mobs As well as the boss Mother shazraz, you will not need her for a quest, but the Illidari henchmen that are next to me, and behind me, you will need them for a future quest.
11) This door is what people dread, the mother Shahraz door. It's because there are two doors, and no mobs inbetween them, so skipping them can be hard. Just pull Mother to the door, die, target her again, and if you are ranged, you can use a spell to get her again and pull her back to die. I used Flame shock, shown here: You can also go to the other side of the door and type /target Illidari as there are mobs on the other side of the door too you can attack, i think they are closer.
12) Continue foward, you will go past 2 bosses and more illidari henchmen, you will not need them for quests. Continue until you reach the boss Movario The Flame Wrecher shown here: directly behind him to the right is a door, die, and go through it to reach the Council
13) The Council you will need for a quest too, so remember that, and finally, to the right or left, go up the ramp, and you will reach the final boss Illidan which you will need for a quest, and for better gear.

Note:Illidan drops new weapons you can use if your current ones suck, but the vote ones are still better in my opinion. Also he drops something people called Panda Weapons, they are the BEST one-handed swords you can get, when people say Panda Farm, they mean to kill Illidan constantly for them, they have about a 5% chance to drop, they are melee weapons, there is no caster counter-part. sorry ):

Brutal Gear

For this one, and the rest of the quests, you will be doing it in BT (Black Temple). When you first turn in the quest for SH you will not receive another one, so you might get confused. You now go to Teleporter->Raids->Black Temple. The quest giver is right outside the instance (or inside) just turn in the quest he already has which is Improving your armors.

Once you complete that you may start your way onto the next set of gear which is Brutal Gear.

In this set in total you will need: 10 Diamond Gems (2 for each quest). These can be obtained by turning in 15 Garnet Gems for 1 Diamond Gem. Garnet can be acquired by turning in PvP Tokens (5->20 Garnets) OR. You can farm Garnets by going into Teleporter->Farmable & Soloable-> Deadmines OR Stockades. Both are quite hard at this gear level, so either get help from someone, or do BG's. As well as 75 Emblems of the Black Demon.

The kill order should be: Supremus (Look at picture #3 in the section Black Temple)->Shade of Akama(Look at picture #4 in the section Black Temple)->Wrathbone Flayer(Look at picture #2 in the section Black Temple)->Teron Gorefiend(Look at picture #4 in the section Black Temple)->Bonechewer Behemoth(Look at picture #3 in the section Black Temple). You will need a group for this.

Supremus Gear

The next gear arc will be Supremus Gear. Again. Everything is located in the Black Temple, and you will be needing to kill mobs, as well as acquire new gems.

In total you will need: 15 Sapphire Gems, 75 Emblems of the Black Demon, as well as various kills for each quest. Sapphire Gems can easily be acquired by turning in 3 PvP Tokens for 8 Sapphire Gems. That's right! You will only need 6 PvP tokens for this gear arc, making this very easy to obtain.

The kill order is as followed: 1) 2 Bonechewer Behemoths (Look at picture #3 in the section Black Temple)
2) 15 Angered Soul Fragments(Look at picture #3 in the section Black Temple)
3) 2 Najentus kills, (Look at picture #2 in the section Black Temple)
4) 2 Wrathbone Flayer kills (Look at picture #2 in the section Black Temple) and
5) This is the hardest quest in this chain line. You will need 6 Shadowmoon Houndmaster kills (Look at picture #4 in the section Black Temple) 20 Angered Soul Fragments (Look at picture #3 in the section Black Temple). 10 Illidari Centurion kills (Look at picture #4 in the section Black Temple) and lastly 3 Priestess of Dementia kills (Look at picture #6 in the section Black Temple)

After all that, congratulations, one step closer to being with the best non-donor gear! :)

Storm Rage 1

Finally, you are now at the Storm Rage gear quests! This questline is probably the most annoying, mainly because of one of the quests. But this is quest line is the last one where you have to kill mobs! :D EXCITING? YES.

In total, you will need: 15 Emerald Gems, and 75 Emblems of the Black Demon, as well as various mob kills.

The mobs you will need to kill are in this order:
1) 5x Sister of Pleasure, 5x Sister of Pain: (Look at step 6, 7, 8 and 9 for the location of these mobs)
2) 6x Promenade Sentinels (Look at step 6, 7, 8, and 9 for the location of these mobs)
3) This quest is probably one of the most annoying ones, you will need :6x Illidari Assassins, 8x Illidari Blood Lords, 4x Illidari Archon, 6x Illidari Battle-Mage. (These are located right after the promenade sentinals, as well as after Mother Shazraz. Please look at pictures 10 & 11)
4) 1x Lady Malande, 1x Gathios the Shatterer, 1x High Methermancer Zerevor, 1x Veras Darkshadow. This is actually just a boss so don't worry too much. The boss is right before Illidan. (Please look at step 11 & 12) This boss is known as Council in case you see people in LFG looking for it.
5) 1x Illidan Stormrage. This is the last boss in the raid, located right after council (Please look at step 11 & 12) You will need a raid of fairly geared people to kill this boss. Also, make sure to kill the ad's that is the most crucial thing in order to kill this boss. Bring a geared DK to spread dots, that will kill them easily.

Storm Rage 2

In this quest arc you no longer have to kill mobs. Instead you just have to farm a bunch of crap. I hope you are ready to farm for hours! :)

In total, you will need PER QUEST: 450x Remorse Gold, 4x Hyper Gems, 350x Demonic Candle's, 185x Remorse Powder, 170x Remorse Sphere.

Out of all of these quest items, Remorse Gold, and Demonic Candles are the hardest to get, well not hard, but takes a long time to farm, and you need a lot of them.

First of all, let's start with getting Hyper Gems. Two ways to get them. 1) 540 Garnet gems will turn eactly into 1 Hyper gem after you are done converting. This really isnt time-efficient, and it sucks sooo.. lets go on to the easier option.
2) 5x Armor Upgrade Tokens = 5x Hyper Gems. Do this, alot easier, so just BG to get them.

Getting Remorse Gold, Demonic Candle, Remorse Powder, and Remorse Sphere is a bit harder. You will need to farm a lot for them. Two places you can go.

Go to Teleporter -> Instances -> Farmable&soloable -> Deadmines or Stockades. Both have mobs that will drops all of these quest items. I prefer Deadmines, but I believe more people go to stockades cause it seems easier.

Storm Rage 3

Finally, the last gear arc. (Well..almost the last) Again, in this quest arc, you will not need to kill any mobs, you will have to continue farming Remorse Gold, Demonic Candles, etc.

In total, you will need, PER QUEST: 525 Remorse Gold, 8 Hyper Gems, 525 Demonic Candles, 245 Remorse Powder, and 210 Remorse Sphere.

Use the same methods for SR2 to get the items here. This will be a long grind, but oh so worth it!

Finally you now have the best non-donor gear on the server, congratulations!!!!....Just kidding. Sorry I lied to you, there's actually one more gear arc you must go through.

The Remorseful Gladiator

Okay this is the final gear arc you will have to go through in order to have the best non-donor PVP gear. I say this is PVP gear because it's basically for PvP only. Each piece of gear will boost your health by a lot, but in return you get the damage of SR2 gear pieces. Here on remorse, survivability > damage. You can start this chain when you start the SR2 quests. But I suggest waiting til you are SR3 geared. In order to start this chain, go to this vendor located next to the BG que places. You can also find this person in your respective faction dueling areas.

This will probably the longest arc mainly because of arena points. So now I'll tell you what you will need

In total PER QUEST you will need: 1500 Arena Points. and 30,000 Remorse Honor Points. First I'll tell you about arena points, then Remorse Honor Points

Arena Points Pretty simple to get these, you have to make a 2's, 3's or 5's team. Get partners, and do arenas. You need a minimum of 10 games, or 30% of games played (10 games minimum are still needed). Higher rating = more points. Also 3's gives more points than 2's, and 5's gives more than 3's. Arena points reset every early Monday morning, so make sure you have your games by then. Once you get the arena points, you need to exchange them for Arena Points that a vendor sells, 250 Arena Points converts to 250 Arena Points. Where to turn them in? Well here. Eternal-Honor Vendor.

Remorse Honor Points This will take the longest to grind actually. ): Here on Remorse-Wow the honor cap is set at 200k. But these arena points aren't Remorse Honor Points, they are just honor points. You can get honor by doing BG's, as well as turning in certain quests, that gives around 900 per quest turn in. By quests I mean turning in Garnet Gems, or Sapphire, and exchanging them. BG's is the fastest way in my opinion. You can also kill people in world PvP, each kill by yourself gives around 800 honor.

Once you get honor capped, or whatever you want. You need to buy remorse Honor Points. The exchange rate is 200 Honor -> 12 Remorse Honor Points. So in total, you will need 500k honor for 30k Remorse Honor Points. Yikes! Buying them can be a pain so here's a macro I have that will buy them fast! :)

Code: Select all
/run BuyMerchantItem(1,25)

Basically this macro will buy the first item, (which is Remorse Honor Points at the vendor) and 25 stacks of it. You can change this macro to however much you want, (1,50) or whatever.

Additional Pieces

With the addition of 3.5, there are NEW AND IMPROVED ITEMS! Specifically for PvP, which is great! If you speak with the Remorseful gear quest giver, (Ragebrood the Damned) he now sells new PvP gear, this gear is almost like donor gear, but a little bit less in stats, and MUCH harder to get because you need rating.

The rating requirement is as follows

Off pieces (Belt/Wrists/Feet) You need 1705 rating, 12000 honor pts, and 700 arena pts per piece.
Rings/Amulet - You need 1800 rating as well as 675 arena pts per piece.
Weapons - This is the hard one. You need 2050 rating and 1875 arena pts for the weapons.
Once you have all the items, you can turn in the quest and get your gear! Once you have all of Remorseful Gear, you now have THE BEST non-donor gear on the server!! CONGRATULATIONS!

I hope you enjoyed this guide. I put a lot of work into in hopes it will help out players as much as it would've helped me.

Remember, if you have any questions just PM me ingame. My name is Umaddwag or my alt is named Asuupa.

PS: Sorry for the length.. ): there's alot to know on this awesome server LOL :D

Special thanks to Rentium for helping me correct some spelling errors :)
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#2 Thu Mar 22, 2012 12:20 pm by UnSt0pp4bl3
Nice one. Vote for sticky if its complete

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#3 Thu Mar 22, 2012 12:57 pm by Nomikk
You've taken your time with this. Good work :-)

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#4 Thu Mar 22, 2012 1:34 pm by jondoe369
Nice guide! Easy to read and understand. :D Keep up the good work.

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#6 Thu Mar 22, 2012 1:40 pm by swordiemen
Nice guide! Requesting sticky, will help a lot of people.
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#7 Thu Mar 22, 2012 2:21 pm by evil3
Thanks guys! Means a lot to get so much support from all of you! :) I'll definitely continue working on this. Already done with Brutal Gear on my shaman, updating now! I'll add in some more information on the leveling guide as well, thanks for the tip! I forgot how hard it was finding all the quest kills/etc.
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#8 Thu Mar 22, 2012 2:30 pm by Hampusloof
Nice guide, even me that been on the server get use of it :3

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#9 Thu Mar 22, 2012 2:47 pm by xDraxter
nice guide :D
i thought about a year ago there already was a guide similar to this on the forum but i can't seem to find it anymore :?
this is a really nice replacement :D nice work :mrgreen:

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#10 Thu Mar 22, 2012 3:24 pm by evil3
xDraxter wrote:nice guide :D
i thought about a year ago there already was a guide similar to this on the forum but i can't seem to find it anymore :?
this is a really nice replacement :D nice work :mrgreen:

You might be talking about this one: remorse-3-3-5-255-funserver-f278/remorse-new-players-getting-gear-t67366.html

It's not completed though, I know mine isn't either, but I do plan on finishing it :p. I found this guide when I first came to the server and it did help, but I wanted a completed one, so I figured others might want it too, so I decided to create one when I feel like I know the server well enough to make one :p
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#11 Thu Mar 22, 2012 3:37 pm by xDraxter
evil3 wrote:
xDraxter wrote:nice guide :D
i thought about a year ago there already was a guide similar to this on the forum but i can't seem to find it anymore :?
this is a really nice replacement :D nice work :mrgreen:

You might be talking about this one: remorse-3-3-5-255-funserver-f278/remorse-new-players-getting-gear-t67366.html

It's not completed though, I know mine isn't either, but I do plan on finishing it :p. I found this guide when I first came to the server and it did help, but I wanted a completed one, so I figured others might want it too, so I decided to create one when I feel like I know the server well enough to make one :p

that's not the guide i remember
the one i remember is a in-depth gearing guide that was already fully complete, i guess it got deleted or something

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#12 Tue Mar 27, 2012 1:57 am by djoverlay
Thankyou for Making This!!! I bookmarked it.. this will be my FAQ.. ^^ THanks a lot again.

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#14 Wed Mar 28, 2012 4:35 pm by evil3
Wubblex wrote:MACRO
Have 200k gold and open black demon badges shop and use macro and u will have 250 demon badges.

That's a bug, hack, glitch. Whatever you want to call it. I'm pretty sure it's bannable.
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#15 Wed Apr 04, 2012 12:15 pm by arp734
Thanks for the guide. It's appreciated. When it's completed and filled it REALLY should be stickied on the main section of the Remorse server. I was farming DD & DM i was going to Un'Goro Crater, didn't know of the Suns Reach mobs. YES! Now 30 minutes of farming and im totally stocked for more than 1 character. HUGE help. Thanks again.

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#16 Sun Apr 15, 2012 11:28 am by TayyabSaad
Superb Guide! Helped me Alot

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#17 Sat Apr 21, 2012 4:11 pm by gockel
If you dont wanna waste your time farming honor , theres a quest to get 200k honor in 2 minutes with a programmable mouse and MUCH space in your backpack .
Hint: a women d like to get some water in the elwyn forest ! :twisted:
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#18 Sun Apr 22, 2012 4:24 am by evily3ar
Thank you for this guide. I finded it usefull mostly by the jewelry quests (Bear Grylls and co.). Understandable, good screenshots, not too fearsome even for those who dont realy like reading. I have added it to bookmarks also:)
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#19 Mon Apr 30, 2012 12:23 pm by Rvo123
Really awesome guide! :) This is sure to help some new players out there ;)

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#20 Tue May 01, 2012 11:05 pm by woweternalboss12
This guide is amazing! And yes the key for the SH instance does drop from toravon or if you are a rogue, you can pick the lock.

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