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Friday, July, 25
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asly, Developers 38 minutes ago
You can get a special and rare reward at the end of each month by voting for us every 12 hours!
Litemode, Super Game Master 1 hour ago
Redemption! Horde and Alliance it is time to get friendly and defend your realm from the Champions of Eternal-WoW. Starting at 9:25 SVT!
Litemode, Super Game Master 2 hours ago
Eternal! Time to see which faction is stronger get ready for a PVP Event at 8:50 SVT!
Litemode, Super Game Master 8 hours ago
Remorse! The Remorse Titans are preparing to destroy your realm. Get ready at 2:50 SVT!
Vermilionx, Super Game Master 9 hours ago
Redemption! Dark Illidan is invading Northrend! Stop him at the Argent Tournament Grounds at 02:00 ST before it's too late!