Sat, April, 25
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  • dustwolfx, Super Game Master 54 minutes ago
    Redemption! It's shivering cold out here, What could this mysterious cold breeze be? Find out at 06.50 ST
  • mistedx, Super Game Master 2 hours ago
    Eternal! Get ready to see who is vicious! See if you will be the last man standing! 5:20 SVT!
  • mistedx, Super Game Master 3 hours ago
    Remorse! The Titans are here to invade us! They are starting from our hometown Shattrath! Stop them before it's too late! 5:20 ST!
  • Surfacingx, Admins 9 hours ago
    Arena Season coming to a end soon! Check home page for more details
  • Baricox, Super Game Master 14 hours ago
    Redemption! The love fools Mike and Jenny are tearing Dalarn apart. Defeat the ugly couple at 17:35 ST
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