Thu, May, 05
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  • Delahoja, Super Game Master 12 minutes ago
    Remorse! Guard up and prepare to defend our kingdom! The Prisoners in Stockade are getting mad! Come and defeat them @ 15:50ST.
  • Wind_walker, Senior Helper 4 hours ago
    The new KenKen event is up on the forums! Solve it and win epic rewards!
  • Delahoja, Super Game Master 20 hours ago
    Redemption! An army has been sent to Sunwell Pleteau under the commmand of Araneae! Save the World at 19:55 ST!
  • Delahoja, Super Game Master 21 hours ago
    Eternal! I feel a cold breeze approaching! Could it be Mr and Ms Snowman? Find out @ 19:05 ST!
  • Delahoja, Super Game Master 22 hours ago
    Remorse! Thrall and King Varian will fight close to Ironforge! Join Alliance vs Horde Event @ 17:50ST!
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