Tue, July, 07
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  • FrozenNinja, Super Game Master 5 hours ago
    Remorse! The maze will open once again! Ready yourself and jump inside! 17:00 ST!
  • eventgm5, Senior Game Masters 9 hours ago
    Redemption! An incredibly powerful master of all fire Elementals is making its way back to Mount Hyjal. Stop Ragnaros at 12:45 ST!
  • Iose, Senior Game Masters 10 hours ago
    It's a bird..It's a plane..It's a GM! Learn to fly and save the community just like a super hero. http://goo.gl/jV4EJZ
  • dustwolfx, Super Game Master 11 hours ago
    Redemption! Deep inside of Temple City of En'Kilah there are some documents we need to build our new cities! Get them back to us at 11:45ST
  • Villamor, Super Game Master 13 hours ago
    Eternal! Lord Victor Nefarius has awaken once again! Defeat him now before he unleash his whelps army on Azeroth! at 09:20 ST!
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