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Sat, September, 20
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Surfacingx, Admins 3 hours ago
Ever wanted to become a gm? Well we want you! Apply at
eventgm5, Super Game Master 11 hours ago
Redemption! The master and lord of the Scourge was sent to Argent Tournament through the Great Dark Beyond. Defeat the Lich King at 17:50 ST
eventgm5, Super Game Master 12 hours ago
Eternal! Grab Your Compass and your Map because it's time to get lost! The maze is opening at 16:40 ST!
Andrewortola, Super Forum Mod 16 hours ago
Did you miss the pics #4 and #5 from the Puzzlehunt Forum event? Look here last piece will be at 23:50ST
Barnex, Senior Game Masters 22 hours ago
Remorse! Master Po is in a bad mood and wants to Destroy Shattrath City! Get ready to defend it at 06:45 St
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