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  • PathlessGiant, Senior Forum Mod 10 hours ago
    The Meme Monday event has begun on the forums. Don't miss out, make your friends laugh and win prizes! http://goo.gl/45zXz1
  • Kongpow, Super Game Master 18 hours ago
    Eternal prepare yourselves! The Lich King spreads plague onto Azeroth once more! Defeat him and save all of Azeroth at 19:00ST!
  • Nostramo, Senior Game Masters 20 hours ago
    We are currently recruiting CTD's to work on our MOP project apply here if interested. http://eternal-wow.com/user/gmapplication/
  • Wind_walker, Senior Helper 23 hours ago
    Are you a helpful individual? Join the Eternal WoW Helpers and get rewarded for your good deeds! http://tinyurl.com/helperteam
  • Shadowcake21, Super Game Master 1 day ago
    Are you the luckiest guy on Remorse? Prove it in the Russian Roll-ette event at 17:25 ST, where Luck and PvP mixes up!
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