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Friday, August, 01
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Lolester, Senior Game Masters 6 hours ago
Watch Pekiboo in Amazing 2v2 Arena on Remorse!
Lolester, Senior Game Masters 7 hours ago
Buzker is streaming 25HC Lichking with Epilogue at
asly, Developers 7 hours ago
Eternal! The Black Dragonflight have summoned Pyreinox at The Obsidian Sanctum! Prepare to fight the Flare of the Firelands at 15:35 SvT!
PolishChris, Admins 11 hours ago
Eternal PTR now live!
Lolester, Senior Game Masters 11 hours ago
Remorse! Master Po has broke out of The Violet Hold! Stop him before he destroys Shattrath City at 12:10 ST!