Mon, December, 22
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Mickox2, Super Forum Mod 4 hours ago
Santa wants to give you VIP gifts! Signature of the Week #32 is up! go suprise santa with your submissions!
Mickox2, Super Forum Mod 1 day ago
Congratulations to the winners of Word Match #10 forum event! check them out!
eventgm5, Super Game Master 1 day ago
Redemption! The master and lord of the Scourge was sent to destroy Argent Tournament Grounds. Defeat the Lich King at 10:40 ST!
eventgm5, Super Game Master 1 day ago
Eternal! The Infinite Dragonflight has corrupted the Dragon Aspects! Fight them and preserve the time ways in The Obsidian Sanctum at 6:30ST
Xaviortemplar, Banned 1 day ago
Remorse! XaviorTemplar has hidden and is challenging you to find him at 10:15 ST!
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