Wed, April, 01
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  • Athyn, Super Game Master 1 hour ago
    If you Love to test content before it is released. Apply for Beta Tester/CTD Now!
  • Elevim, Senior Developer 2 hours ago
    Greetings, would you guys like to know what it means to be a Dev or CTD? Check out our Dev and CTD "Meet & Greet" 2 PM EST, 4th April
  • PathlessGiant, Super Forum Mod 2 hours ago
    Forum event, Word Search, is now live. Come and participate to win prizes now!
  • Nostramo, Senior Game Masters 16 hours ago
    Feel like trying something new? Come experience what its like to be a GM. Apply at
  • mistedx, Super Game Master 17 hours ago
    Eternal! The Champions have invaded Argent Tournament grounds! Stop them before it's too late! 04:00 ST!
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