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Tuesday, July, 29
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Zyr, Lead Livestreamer 3 hours ago
Nythia is streaming the event on Redemption!
TheBe, Super Game Master 4 hours ago
Redemption! Dark Illidan will take revenge upon your cities! Fight on friends, kill him and end the curse on our people at 05:50 ST!
iceman6619, Super Game Master 6 hours ago
Eternal! Kel'Thuzad has been brought back to life by The Lich King. Stop him before he destroys your land at ??? at 3:00 ST
Lolester, Super Game Master 15 hours ago
Remorse! Lolester-The Mad Kodo is on his way to destroy Dire Maul Arena save it before its too late! At 6:15 ST
Lolester, Super Game Master 16 hours ago
Watch Paddywhack doing Arena on Remorse!!