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Mon, September, 22
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Bear08, Super Game Master 6 hours ago
Redemption! Spider Queen Araneae is nesting! Defeat her before she lays more eggs! 10 :40 ST
Bear08, Super Game Master 8 hours ago
Eternal! It is time for you to show your strength! Alliance VS Horde! Who will be victorious? 8:25 ST
Andrewortola, Super Forum Mod 9 hours ago
All the pieces from the Puzzle Forum event are posted, Good luck
Bear08, Super Game Master 12 hours ago
Remorse! 40 vs 40 event is on your way. Get ready for the fight! Starting at 4:45 ST!
eventgm5, Super Game Master 17 hours ago
Redemption! Priestess of the Moon will fight again those that will stand in the way of her over Argent Tournament.Defeat her at 11:45ST!
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