Tue, May, 03
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  • Befriendx, Super Game Master 6 hours ago
    Eternal! Come fight the never ending war between Alliance and Horde! Come join our 10v10 fight and put an end to this dispute @ 19:25ST!!!
  • Delahoja, Super Game Master 7 hours ago
    Remorse! An Army of Undead have raised from bones! Let's fight against Zombies and show them who is the best! @ 19:55 ST.
  • Wind_walker, Senior Helper 18 hours ago
    The new Crossword event is up on the forums! Solve the puzzle and win epic rewards! http://tinyurl.com/hzdmx3k
  • Befriendx, Super Game Master 21 hours ago
    Blow dust off your equipment and prepare for fight against Thor! The Legacy of Starcraft is coming to Redemptionl @ 04:45 ST
  • arslanx, Super Game Master 1 day ago
    Eternal! Prepare yourself for the Gladiator's Event! Come test your strength and see if you can survive the 1 v 1 event at 19:10 ST!!!
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