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Wednesday, July, 30
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asly, Developers 3 hours ago
Redemption! Mr. and Mrs. Snowman are having a fight! Stop them before they destroy whole Azeroth at 4:30 ST!
Lolester, Senior Game Masters 6 hours ago
Eternal! The Murloc Brothers have decided to take over Shattrath! Stop them before it's too late! 1:50 ST!
TheBe, Super Game Master 11 hours ago
Remorse! The GMs have been doing som archeology in the Crypts of Karazhan! Join them at 20:45 SvT!!
Zyr, Lead Livestreamer 18 hours ago
Buzker is raiding ICC25hc on his resto druid with Epilogue on Redemption!
Zyr, Lead Livestreamer 22 hours ago
Watch Paddywack doing battlegrounds on Remorse!