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heatdriv3Like helping others on forum? Join Forum Mod Team now! Check here for more info: private server 30 minutes ago
ExcalibusRedemption! Thor and the Shades of Azeroth have initiated an all-out offensive! The Battle for Shattrath City begins at 10:12 SvT!wow private server 2 hours ago
cokdeli1Redemption!! Watch Litinas taking ICC10 down to Lich King at : private server 5 hours ago
iceman6619Time to prove which factions is the best! Get ready Eternal for 30v30 starting at 06:20wow private server 5 hours ago
LitemodeRedemption, The Champions of eternal are invading your realm...Get ready to protect yourselves from them at 6:20 svt!wow private server 5 hours ago


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