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Get your epic reward!Eternal-WoW® In-Game Guardian

Starting now, you can get a special and rare reward at the end of each month by voting for us every 12 hours!

We wish to THANK YOU!

Ever wondered what it's like to fight with the power of
Mother Nature at your back?

Wield the forces of Nature with the help of three Treants to preserve the balance of life. They will assist you in your battles.
  • Vote vote vote!

    If you are the player with the most votes at the end of the month, the amazing item of the month is yours!
  • Everyone is eligible to get one!

    Every month is a new chance to win several incredible prizes!
  • Sharing is caring.

    Support the server you love, get points, and win prizes.

Top Voter Monthly Rewards

1st: Force of Nature
2nd: 1000 VIP Points
3nd: 500 VIP Points
1st: ***
2nd: 1000 VIP Points
3nd: 500 VIP Points
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Contest Rules

Top voters must achieve a minimum of 600 votes to be eligible.

This is a gift. You will be able to keep your vote points!

Cheaters will be eliminated from the contest and risk a permanent ban. Examples of cheating include but not limited to not filling out CAPTCHAs, and using exploits to illegitimately earn vote points.

The contest will end when the month is over. Within the next 48 hours after the contest has ended, the reward will be credited to your account.

The first place reward cannot be exchanged for VIP points.

Members who are rewarded for being the top voter are forbidden from claiming a first place prize for two consecutive months after they are rewarded. If first place is achieved in those two months, 1000 VIP will be given in lieu of the original reward.

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