Tue, November 21
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Top Voters for November so far

RankNameVotesLast Vote
1renjy12367242 minutes ago
2gunnar202067240 minutes ago
3wilber12367238 minutes ago
4kyounglay6288 hours ago
5themaximo6013 hours ago
6Sava0195884 hours ago
7windows009357521 hours ago
8Wolf15115759 hours ago
9divilasif54911 hours ago
10kudai61905472 days ago
11darfaller5477 hours ago
12malagan2553210 hours ago
13osoclic5156 hours ago
14matrix199550615 hours ago
15beowulf255043 days ago
16rusko350111 hours ago
17luiwarrior5019 hours ago
18umbrellalay49320 hours ago
19yummygraceh49311 hours ago
20norperox248611 hours ago
21DHAMIAN45410 hours ago
2212arce1245210 hours ago
23freddy21144945 minutes ago
24wowkza4457 hours ago
25Smartestchild5344312 hours ago
26ericc164407 hours ago
27ericcko184387 hours ago
28tuche4352 hours ago
29wowu4277 hours ago
30admwow4276 hours ago
31Blackangelss142319 minutes ago
32usrwow4166 hours ago
33tanitowe4152 hours ago
34Zon4091 day ago
35joinhope4091 day ago
36ludmaniac3909 hours ago
37Sulfur163881 day ago
38merenes3831 day ago
39Ventar903835 hours ago
40Predki3818 hours ago
41Deadmaus53817 hours ago
42kaenftwlolomg37913 hours ago
43camariodf36910 hours ago
44untalnob3681 week ago
45raulsss3649 hours ago
46skudetto3587 hours ago
47fatal0013582 hours ago
48maribel1535711 hours ago
49dimi98243578 hours ago
50eletromano3532 days ago
There are 28 points possible per day and 3 days of 2x points at the beginning of the month. This month has 30 days, which is 720 voting opportunities for a total possible 924 points. As of the end of today, there will have been 504 voting opportunities for a possible 672 points.
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