Mon, September 25
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Top Voters for September so far

RankNameVotesLast Vote
1renjy123531.52 hours ago
2gunnar2020531.52 hours ago
3wilber123531.52 hours ago
4darfaller521.59 hours ago
5Zlostor4938 hours ago
6Sava0194836 hours ago
7yummygrace455.52 hours ago
8windows00934439 hours ago
9matrix1995428.52 hours ago
10themaximo42611 hours ago
11pheeracid941517 hours ago
12Rocbleaser4159 hours ago
13Tecnoman4149 hours ago
14neema401.520 hours ago
15icemajic173951 minute ago
16DHAMIAN38632 minutes ago
17Wolf1511385.513 hours ago
18luiwarrior37714 minutes ago
19iaren3743 hours ago
20norperox2349.52 hours ago
21armeecmusic2003348.53 days ago
22fatal0013479 hours ago
23ludmaniac3442 hours ago
24darrian1233719 minutes ago
25nevercry043333 hours ago
26ANGELDIABLO330.52 hours ago
27freddy2113232 hours ago
28ericcko18321.514 hours ago
29gaaworld316.59 hours ago
30ericc16312.514 hours ago
31Manticore304.518 hours ago
32bloodgun29821 hours ago
33CDG27536 minutes ago
34EBAHWE273.54 hours ago
35maribel152693 days ago
36cadena2693 hours ago
37Blackangelss12683 hours ago
38rodri26521 hours ago
39traxthe251.511 hours ago
40leepaekwar248.55 days ago
41kudai61902352 hours ago
42minorior1228.54 days ago
43cornaboyz2285 hours ago
44laggyaho227.51 day ago
45nergal123226.51 week ago
46bloodtust2261 week ago
47lion77224.52 hours ago
48necholol22420 hours ago
49kaenftwlolomg21616 hours ago
50joseluis456789204.56 days ago
There are 19 points possible per day and 3 days of 2x points at the beginning of the month. This month has 30 days, which is 720 voting opportunities for a total possible 627 points. As of the end of today, there will have been 600 voting opportunities for a possible 532 points.
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