Thu, June 20
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Top Voters for June so far

RankNameVotesLast Vote
1Sava77750413 hours ago
2Sava01950218 hours ago
3Sava88848918 hours ago
4Sava44447618 hours ago
5Reguzr8814 hours ago
6zeroxx20845 hours ago
7CHAZZ244010 hours ago
8Tucker3693620 hours ago
9adidas62003617 hours ago
10clauu21325 days ago
11Alentejano10302 weeks ago
12demons666285 days ago
13vule992286 hours ago
14bolatzy2611 hours ago
15mcolg769223 days ago
16krizalid555201 week ago
17ryders201 week ago
18kaenftwlolomg205 days ago
19Wedrag181 week ago
20Superego186 days ago
21gatxc1623 hours ago
22Evilreddragon141 week ago
23makarok141 week ago
24jville146 days ago
25Google [Bot]134 days ago
26djiko122 weeks ago
27jovinox27121 week ago
28femfera121 week ago
29krizalid333126 days ago
30deathgun121 day ago
31daniloroberto102 weeks ago
32jos971012101 week ago
33daco9382 weeks ago
34iambookus82 weeks ago
35Hordewin82 weeks ago
36ericcko1882 weeks ago
37albertoer82 weeks ago
38sebaschb82 weeks ago
39JetstreamSam7882 weeks ago
40Ferocite82 weeks ago
41eliasbl7582 weeks ago
42kevkablue82 weeks ago
43bezmozek4482 weeks ago
44fatal00182 weeks ago
45thad12castle82 weeks ago
46Finjaxer82 weeks ago
47jpnzpr0digy81 week ago
48krizalid77781 week ago
49woots3387 hours ago
50saminko123461 week ago
There are 0 points possible per day and 3 days of 2x points at the beginning of the month. This month has 30 days, which is 0 voting opportunities for a total possible 0 points. As of the end of today, there will have been 0 voting opportunities for a possible 0 points.
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