Mon, September 23
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Top Voters for September so far

RankNameVotesLast Vote
1z1257519 hours ago
2shimanara46520 hours ago
3pheeracid94241 week ago
4naos37410 hours ago
5Sava4443361 week ago
6Sava8883231 week ago
7Sava0192951 week ago
8Sava7772481 week ago
9icemajic182351 week ago
10flamekeeper20923 hours ago
11Digitalis2021 week ago
12Silver_101721 week ago
13lexysworld1725 hours ago
14kaenftwlolomg1637 hours ago
15jack45melb1421 week ago
16Tucker3691341 week ago
17SamTirehim1251 week ago
18florsalvaje1172 days ago
19nevercry041134 days ago
20migu97318911 hours ago
21icemajic17879 hours ago
22cristel01752 weeks ago
23yadher1478561 day ago
24ceraninja542 weeks ago
25Metalraven522 weeks ago
26aliest525 days ago
27Shadowkiller18501 week ago
28CHAZZ24471 week ago
29jcrow432 weeks ago
30demoredr431 week ago
31Coreynside978432 days ago
32mehran blood431 hour ago
33mardocborotto411 week ago
34vip1303 weeks ago
35hernan2012303 weeks ago
36bubbuh303 weeks ago
37maglile303 weeks ago
38Cenko177303 weeks ago
39gogliko5514302 weeks ago
40fatal001301 week ago
41gatonegro123282 weeks ago
42Safaron282 weeks ago
43BonBG282 weeks ago
44scullex281 week ago
45tomabsso281 week ago
46Ist284 days ago
47remi060718231 week ago
48Unamedx183 days ago
49Yllidan21182 days ago
50greice1825 minutes ago
There are 28 points possible per day and 3 days of 2x points at the beginning of the month. This month has 30 days, which is 720 voting opportunities for a total possible 924 points. As of the end of today, there will have been 552 voting opportunities for a possible 728 points.
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