Sun, March 18
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Top Voters for March so far

RankNameVotesLast Vote
1renjy1235885 hours ago
2gunnar20205885 hours ago
3wilber1235884 hours ago
4mjunior5883 hours ago
5Sava0195602 hours ago
6acodjakovic5342 hours ago
7pheeracid95329 hours ago
8lexysworld5214 hours ago
9Mimse4782 hours ago
10kkpartizan46312 hours ago
11andu2104501 day ago
12kaenftwlolomg45015 hours ago
13sydvicious4209 hours ago
14morochitopro4143 hours ago
15Predki41015 hours ago
16chikio0340710 hours ago
17Holynaigth564076 hours ago
18lukecage4031 day ago
19Jorch1234018 hours ago
20tatazouzou3963 hours ago
21themaximo39413 hours ago
22Blackangelss13883 hours ago
23Valentinagov38112 hours ago
24oxama3791 day ago
25umbrellalay37920 hours ago
26V3rtigo737017 hours ago
27ganjaweed4203701 hour ago
28keytaro53561 hour ago
29HeinzBG3532 days ago
30V3rt733617 hours ago
31kyounglay3291 day ago
32freddy2113277 hours ago
33kiler31083236 days ago
34CDG3182 hours ago
35Shery1031457 minutes ago
36DHAMIAN3121 day ago
37ericcko183053 days ago
38ericc163053 days ago
39EBAHWE30112 hours ago
40supercool31330141 minutes ago
41icemajic182981 day ago
42hnsina8129819 hours ago
43ironstorm2956 days ago
44Wolf15112843 days ago
45frocer8522829 hours ago
46ironarmy2786 days ago
47wowkza27410 hours ago
48admwow27410 hours ago
49wowu27410 hours ago
50laggyaho2732 hours ago
There are 28 points possible per day and 3 days of 2x points at the beginning of the month. This month has 31 days, which is 744 voting opportunities for a total possible 952 points. As of the end of today, there will have been 432 voting opportunities for a possible 588 points.
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