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EternalWotLK, Lvl. 80 N/A

  • Surfacingx, Admins 3 months ago
    Eternal Dark Illidan is trying to destroy Outland help stop him at 16:30 ST
  • Surfacingx, Admins 3 months ago
    Going to be doing a get together on eternal for the last day will happen in about 20 minutes
  • Cyph3r, Owner 3 months ago
    Important topic you should probably all read :
  • Keeft, REGISTERED 4 months ago
    Eternal! Get ready for the most delightful event of all time! I will be hosting a Savory deviate roulette @ 7.55 ST!
  • Sanctions, REGISTERED 5 months ago
    Eternal! Dark Illidan has been resurrected and he plans on getting revenge! Stop him before it is too late @8:00 PM ST

Eternal-WoW Family, Players, Staff, and the myriad of people who have spent time here over the years:

Thank you so much for making this an amazing home for the last ten years! Thank you for your time and patronage. Many of you put all of your free time into your characters or into helping the server be its best, whether as a player or as a staff member. You're contribution is not forgotten!

A decade is a very long time to do this, and we've seen the world around us change during that time period: presidents, wars, recession, etc. Eternal-WoW has been the rock that keeps rolling.

But in recent years, we've tried to combat dwindling resources and we've now reached the point where the writing is on the wall. That doesn't diminish everything we've achieved.

The last realm will go offline permanently at the end of the month (September 30th). The discord will remain open if anyone wants to stop by there to chat with friends who were on eternal:


Remorse Update is Now Live!

This update, unlike the previous one, focuses on the PvE content and the gearing process.

Client Patches
For all clients the patch can be downloaded from here
Don't forget to clear your Cache folder.


  • 4 new gear tiers, including weapons and jewelry
  • New Naxxramas rewards such as transmog, morphs, and a special title
  • New Naxxramas teleporter for fast travel around the raid
  • Compensation will be given to players who previously bought the Black Temple teleports, in the form of 100 Naxxramas Crystals

Developer Note: We decided to remove Nexus & Black Temple as a starter gearing instance and replaced them with Naxxramas. This allows for a smoother and more up-to-date gearing experience. The gearing process that we'll be focusing on next will be PvP.

Naxxramas will have 4 tiers: Arachnid Quarter, Plague Quarter, Military Quarter, and Construct Quarter.
By killing bosses in each of these quarters, players will get Trinket of the Scourge which will allow them to purchase gear from the vendor located outside of Naxxramas or in the mall.


  • Arachnid Quarter: Recommended for 2+ players
  • Plague Quarter: Recommended for 2+ players
  • Military Quarter: Recommended for 3+ players
  • Construct Quarter: Recommended for 4+ players


  • Upper Necropolis: Recommended for 5+ Players

The bosses in Upper Necropolis will drop Naxxramas Crystal, which is used to purchase transmog, new morphs, and a title!

Bug Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed Starter Totem Stats
  • Fixed Starter Sigil Stats
  • Fixed Phase Me (now only works in Event Mall)
  • The barricades in the PvP Mall have been fixed
  • The Black Temple and Nexus have been replaced by Naxxramas
  • Honor Set Token quest requirements and restrictions have been removed and can now be accessed without any PvE prerequisites
  • VIP Buff Device: removed perfumes, colognes, and Redemption of the Fallen, and added Blessing of Auchindoun
  • Consumable VIP Buffs such as (Basic Elixir, Book of Fortune....) are now account-bound
  • Several trades have been removed from Hyperion as they are no longer needed
  • Nourish has been nerfed by 20%
  • Swiftmend has been buffed by 20%

If you experience any bugs please let us know by reporting it on this thread, in-game, or on Discord.
Your feedback is highly valued and appreciated.

This update is brought you by David and Akis. Show them some love <3
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