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Happy to bring the first patch of the summer; many more will follow!

[Remorse Update]
Client Patches

US Clients:!UoYjFZxQ!egKEKD8fK ... uwqlwqD6AY
Non-US Clients:!5lYVSTCI!ntb3P6jtQ ... fxcfXbJ8No
Cataclysm/MoP Armor and Weapons:!5t4TmLrC!BnfBaVlmY ... fR2IOZZA0E


Patch-4 non US
Patch-A (MoP Armor and Weapons)

General Changelogs

Bug Fixes:
Spoiler: show
  • Stealth abilities no longer permanently break outside of flare if used on one.
  • Remorseful Gladiator's Barrier is now soulbound.
  • Generic Totems can now be deleted
  • Equipping a shield in combat now properly triggers a GCD.
  • Periodic Leech effects, Devouring Plague, Drain Life, etc, now properly calculate damage when target has reached specified health percentage.
  • Fixed display ID bug that occurs when Anathema/Benediction is transmogrified and the staves are swapped.
  • Druid healing staves now have a damage done reduction effect on them.
  • Anti-Magic Shell now prevents the magic debuffs caused by Blast Wave, Blizzard, and Frost Breath.
  • Shadowmeld now properly stops auto attacks and channeled spells.
  • Tabard with effects now have their auras displayed on equip rather than on use.
  • NPCs on the leveling roads now respawn in 5 seconds rather than a minute.
  • Arcane Charges now affect Arcane Missiles correctly.
  • Fixed Glyph of Ice Lance.
  • Fixed Envenom damage scaling with stacks of Deadly Poison.
  • Lay on Hands no longer scales with spell power and can no longer crit.
  • Fixed cosmetic bug where players keep the shoot animation after canceling Auto Shot and Shoot.
  • Fixed mixed-up effects on the Badges of Aggression.
  • Arena Spectator now shows the amount of time until the arena starts when you try to spectate someone.
  • Fixed meta gems applying in incorrect or non-existing gem slots.
  • Fixed Savage Combat debuff lasting indefinitely.
  • Fixed Mind Control not benefiting from haste.
  • Fixed CD trigger when swapping between Anathema and Benediction.
  • Fixed Walk/Run toggle saving after Mind Control.
  • Fixed Prayer of Mending not proccing Inspiration.
  • Fixed Divine Shield not removing Living Bomb.
  • Fixed Binding Light trinkets not proccing on HoTs with no initial healing.
  • Fixed Killing Spree not applying some immunities and 20% damage.
  • Fixed Blood Presence not healing for 4% of damage dealt.
  • Fixed Death Grip reflection handling.
  • Fixed Glyph of Obliterate.
  • Fixed the damage reduction of Icebound Fortitude.
  • Fixed Glyph of Dark Death.
  • Fixed Blood-Caked Blade.
  • Fixed Scourge Strike shadow damage not taking in account the first physical hit critting.
  • Fixed Righteous Vengeance giving extra damage.
  • Fixed Sheath of Light double dipping on % healing increases.
  • Fixed Mocking Blow dealing damage to players.
  • Fixed Hysteria stacking.
  • Fixed Second Wind proccing on every tick of Entangling Roots.
  • Fixed Death Grip animation.
  • Fixed Death and Decay breaking when trying to hit units out of LoS of the caster.
  • Fixed Grounding Totem not grounding same faction traps.
  • Fixed some FFA flagging issues.
  • Fixed Glyph of Rebirth.
  • Fixed Savage Roar being able to be cast in Bear Forms.
  • Fixed Faerie Fire penetrating Cyclone.
  • Fixed Health Funnel not taking health once pet is full HP.
  • Fixed Roar of Sacrifice damage split.
  • Fixed Stoneclaw Totem using Maelstrom Weapon procs.
  • Fixed Ardent Defender and Guardian Spirit not proccing under certain situations.
    • Note: Might not handle every effect. If you manage to bug either, please let me know what spell caused it.

General Changes:
Spoiler: show
  • Nitro Boots can no longer be used in duels.
  • Battlegrounds not cannot be queued for, or entered, while in combat.
  • Resurrection spells now resurrect players with 20% HP and mana; also includes Soulstones.
  • Increased duel distance to 150 yards.

Additional Features:
Spoiler: show
  • Added Cataclysm armor set transmogrification vendor.
  • Added several new items: unlimited charge food, etc.
  • Added new Storm Rage trinkets.
  • Fast Arena Start Crystals.
  • Improved pet scaling
  • Duel request announces
  • Improved multi-class trainer
  • Tabard exchange NPC
  • Quivers and ammo pouches for hunters.
  • Anti-Graveyard Camp System for battlegrounds.
  • Several exploit fixes.

Class Changes

Spoiler: show
  • Chimera Shot nerfed.
  • Wild Quiver nerfed.
  • Black Arrow nerfed.
  • Serpent Sting nerfed.
  • Explosive Shot nerfed.
  • Arcane Shot buffed.
  • Aimed Shot buffed.
  • Steady Shot buffed.

Spoiler: show
  • Ravage buffed.
  • Mangle nerfed.
  • Rip nerfed.
  • Rake nerfed.
  • Pounce buffed.
  • Scaled Force of Nature.
  • Buffed Cat Form energy regeneration rate.
  • Re-worked Eclipse: Lunar Eclipse no longer is a part of the effect. Solar Eclipse no longer has a internal CD.
  • Buffed the damage it takes to break Entangling Roots.
  • Added internal cooldown of 6 seconds to Nature's Grasp.
  • Wild Growth will now take you out of Moonkin Form.

Spoiler: show
  • Haste nerfed.
  • Fireball buffed.
  • Frostfire Bolt buffed, changed to only a Frost spell.
  • Brain Freeze proc only affects Frostfire Bolt now.
  • Set bonus changed to to T10.
  • Disabled Burning Determination.
  • Increased mana cost per damage point absorbed on Mana Shield

Spoiler: show
  • Penance cannot be cast in Shadowform now.
  • Glyph of Power Word: Shield and Glyph of Dispel Magic cannot crit now.
  • Fixed Empowered Renew and Improved Devouring Plague.

Death Knight:
Spoiler: show
  • Added DK two-handed weapon.
  • Frost Strike nerfed.
  • Unholy Blight nerfed.
  • Death Coil nerfed.
  • Obliterate buffed.
  • Scourge Strike buffed.
  • Frost Fever nerfed.
  • Blood Plague nerfed.
  • Dancing Rune Weapon fixed and enabled.

Spoiler: show
  • Holy: Flash of Light nerfed
  • Added internal cooldown of 6 seconds to Art of War.
  • Seal of Righteousness nerfed.
  • Seal of Vengeance/Blood nerfed.

Spoiler: show
  • Scaled Spirit Wolves.
  • Enabled and scaled Fire Elemental Totem.
  • Chain Lightning nerfed.
  • Lightning Bolt buffed.
  • Flame Shock nerfed.
  • Haste added to Enhancement fists; speed on all fists changed to 1.5.
  • Shaman set bonus changed to Elemental T9.
  • Scaled Stonetalon Totem and Glyph.
  • Re-enabled Ancestral Awakening; however, it will only work when the Shaman is in a group.

Spoiler: show
  • Backstab nerfed.
  • Hemorrhage nerfed.
  • Rupture nerfed.
  • Garrote nerfed.
  • Eviserate buffed.
  • Envenom buffed.
  • Disabled Honor Among Thieves.

Spoiler: show
  • Added a cost to Health Funnel.
  • Corrected the scaling of Fire Shield.
  • Nerfed Chaos Bolt slightly.
  • Nerfed Incinerate.
  • Scaled Devour Magic and Glyph of Devour Magic.

Spoiler: show
  • Nerfed overall HP.
55 Remorse Update

The Helper Team is back--however, it will be different this time!

[Staff Recruitment]
We are pleased to announce that a new Staff Department has been officially implemented again. This Staff Position (Helper) will emphasize Helping the everyday player, promoting a more friendly environment within the game and helping us by reporting "Toxic Players". It will not be like the Helper Rank we used to have on Eternal-WoW before, feel free to read down below for detailed information regarding the new Rank and what it means to be a full-fledged "Helper".

Staff Benefits

  • Meet new friends that share the same interest as you! (They might even become your next raiding/arena partner!)
  • Learn how to be in a friendly staff environment!
  • Attain management experience which might prove useful in real life!
  • Attend Staff Meetings with a large professional Staff Team! (Only Trusted Helpers will be allowed into All Staff Meetings, which includes ALL Staff Departments)
  • Get some special VIP Staff Benefits! VIP Rewards at the end of month, weekly rewards, etc..!
  • (Help us make Eternal a better place to be in for our beloved players. Help your favorite Community and support its cause!)

The Helper's Core Work

  • A player asks a question in LFG. Every now and then another player might answer this question... the role of the Helper Team will be to answer such questions on a regular basis (increasing the probability that this player will receive an answer or response to his question). This will actually be one of their core duties, simply helping other Players in a way which GMs cannot.
  • Player Reports. One of the Helper's core duties will be making Player Reports. One of the large factors which drove the Helper Team into being made is that our GM Team cannot constantly monitor chat, or what players are doing at all times. Therefore, the Helper Team will report day-to-day Player Hazing, or Harassment. Our main intention is to attempt and fight the Toxicity which resides within our Community. We aspire to make our Community more friendly towards new Players resulting in making it an easier environment to stay in for new players.
  • Attending the Help Rooms in TeamSpeak. This is optional, if a Helper doesn't want to be in the Help Rooms, then 'they' do not have to do so, period.


(Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Helper Team)

  • Q: How will Helpers affect me in-game as a Player?
    A: The Helpers will technically be promoting and encouraging good behavior. First and foremost, they will be creating regular Player Reports about matters which Players rarely create Player Reports about these days. Sexual Explicit Content in the LFG chat, hate-speech, etc. They will also be regularly answering questions, therefore, you might see more interaction in the global chat channels.

  • Q: How do I become a Helper?
    A: If you're interested, please send a PM to Andrela001 also known as Frankley on the forums. And he'll send you an application format that you will simply have to fill in.

  • Q: A Helper is basically a friendly player... why do you feel the need to create a specific position for friendly and helpful players?
    A: Hehe. At the moment we would simply like to promote good behavior, and we decided that it would be worth trying out something new and adding a staff department dedicated to this. In addition, we honestly need more friendly players on Eternal. We noticed that we aren't encouraging good behavior enough and for that reason, we have ended up with quite a lot of toxicity within our community. To try and work against this or at least to try to lessen it, we would like to try and officially encourage good behavior among players. We believe this could potentially help new players get started on Eternal and bring in more active playing players.

  • Q: Will the Helpers be doing tickets and have staff powers like a GM does?
    A: Simple answer, no. We have thought of perhaps giving Trusted Helpers the ability to do Tickets and help out GMs as extra work. Nevertheless, their core work is not going to have anything to do with tickets. The Helpers will basically be Players but at the same time, they're technically staff. However, they're more of a player than they are a Staff Member.

  • Q: Do helpers get paid?
    A: Helpers and above will be rewarded the same way we do with GMs and CTDs alike. With what is known as an EoW/EoM (End of the Week Reward/End of the Month Reward). It's basically some VIP points in a regular interval. We do, however, not plan on paying them. This is more of a 'reward' for their hard work.

  • Q: Does the Helpers have a minimum work requirement?
    A: No. They will, however, be supervised by certain Super GMs and other Staff Members that wants to help out the Helper Department. You will be required to be active, and there will most likely be some form of requirement of activity to be on Staff. There will not be an official work requirement though. As we expect the Helper Team to find productive and innovative ways of helping out the players. The GMs will also have a way of communicating with the Helpers.

  • Q: Does the Helper Team keep in touch with other Staff Departments? e.g., GMs, CTDs, Forum Moderators, etc.
    A: You might talk to a Staff Member from a different Department in the Staff Chill Zone every now and then. However, you are not going to be explicitly working with them. Nonetheless, you will be having some Staff Meetings and in All Staff Meetings certain Helpers will be permitted to join the All Staff Meetings. (with All Staff Departments included, even our beloved Owner, Cyph3r, is usually there too) Along with the fact that we will have our own regular Helper Meetings, that is. And some Super GMs will be a Helper Assistant Secondary, meaning you will interact with some other Staff Departments anyway, as they would like to give a helping hand in getting the Helper Team started up.

Any additional questions will be answered. Feel free to write down a question as a reply to this topic, we will respond back as soon as possible.

Eternal-WoW Administration
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